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The Natural WayDog Food

Do you really know what’s in your dog’s food?  If you are feeding a commerically made dog food, you probably do not know.

One of the best websites to learn more about the food you use for your pet is:


In general we strongly advise that you don’t buy anything from a supermarket or discount store.  The products sold there are not from quality sources and may not be the best choice for your pet.  This includes dog food and treats.

Learn about the food that you feed your pets as it can make the difference between a healthy, happy pet and one that is just existing.

Here is a list of great articles on the pet food industry:

Rotten, spoiled food sold to pet food industry

If you believe that your dog is allergic to a type of food, contact Dr. Jean Dodds at HemoPet  www.hemopet.com  to order her test that your vet can do. 

Carrageenan – Protects Against Colds?

This appears to be the newest marketing claim for carrageenan, the gum used to mold together a moist pet food might provide your pet protection from a cold. The marketing neglects to mention that carrageenan might also cause serious intestinal issues and possibly even cancer.

Another Jerky Update, No Answers

May 19,2914

Almost seven and a half years of taxpayer money has been spent investigating jerky treats imported from China. Why has more than 1000 dogs died the treats? What is the cause of dog, cat and human illness linked to the Chinese pet treats? The FDA still doesn’t know. Another update, no answers.

Petco and Petsmart Will Stop Selling Treats from China

This article was written on May 10, 2014, before Petsmart announced that they two companies would finally stop selling China sourced and/or made pet treats.  They both have known for years that these treats could make pets sick or die.  Neither chain will be stopping in the near future as they want to sell out what they have in stock before they stop selling these products.  Showing that making money on these products is more important than your pets health and well being.

What Is AAFCO? 

and what do they do for your dog?

One aspect of pet food that many dog owners find mystifying is regulation. Some pet owners and stores believe that AAFCO, The Association of American Feed Control Officials, is responsible for approving pet foods but in fact this isn’t the case. Here are a few facts to help you understand what AAFCO does and does not do to protect you and your dog.


Iams Pet Food has submitted a petition to the FDA asking for approval to use a bacteria killing additive in pet food. Is this safe? 


Who is protecting consumers from misleading marketing claims of pet food? It appears no one. Time to learn more.


A semi-truck carrying “chopped dead fish” meant for cat food overturned in Washington state. And this was NOT a refrigerated truck. 


Pet food  regulations do not require raw materials to be transported or warehoused under refrigeration or frozen. In other words – pet feed ingredients such as meat or fish – could be spoiling/rotting for days before it becomes a pet food. Click here for more information.