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In Memory

“Dogs come into our lives to teach us about love, they depart to teach us about loss.  A new dog never replaces an old dog, it merely expands the heart. If you have loved many dogs, your heart is very big”

This page is for all the wonderful fox terriers that have passed from this life.  The one’s we so loved and that now gone to the Rainbow Bridge. We will be bringing over all the ones that were on the old website and adding the ones that we have learned about in the past year.  If you have lost a Smooth or Wire Fox Terrier and would like them listed here with a short bio and photo, please contact us at:  info@foxterrier.com Click here for websites and information on grief counseling.


Rosey was the best dog I ever had and was taken from me way too soon. She was a ginger fox terrier but never got her ears fixed. She was always on my lap or off on a long walk.  Rosey - Russ F.When she put part of the leash in her mouth I knew she was trying to tell me who was boss. I loved her dearly as did my daughter Emily and her mother Suzanne. We will think of her always!




JONAH    2001  – 2014

Here he is at our daughter’s wedding, ever the vigilant Master of our family. Jonah was a gift to us and he opened a window to my soul; there are no words to describe a Wire’s energy and feistiness as he tried to catch squirrels and would race down the steps after a bath and circle madly around the house…we stepped aside and watched. He used up 9 lives easily as he managed to jump up on tables to eat through boxes of Pop Tarts, nuts, and Zippy-Zoo Vitamins with Extra C. He had his stomach pumped due to an irresistable attraction to chocolate, and was rescued on the eve of our daughter’s wedding as he wandered away from our friend’s house looking for us. A kind Samaritan found Jonah on a four-lane highway heading East, distressed that we left him to go to a rehearsal dinner! God gave him 3 years, 3 weeks and 2 days more before his arthritic legs caused him to drag and eventually come to a complete stop. He had gall bladder/liver enzyme issues and Mom was at her wit’s end finding food that he would take his pills in. Liverwurst, twinkies, you name it…he was beloved by his vet and acupuncturist as well as the Target pharmacist that cranked out his eyedrops for his post-cataract surgery. JonahSartoriNothing was too much work for this loving guy, but on October 8, 2014 it was clear that he was in abject misery. He rests in our back yard that he loved so much. We have a giant hole in our hearts and no dog can replace him. One day, however, we hope our house will hear those joyful yaps and barks that can only come from a WFT. Dr. Margaret Sartori

MADISON ROSE Born January 2, 2000  -  Went to Heaven on October 3, 2014 Madison Rose - in memoryAfter a wonderful and happy almost 15 years of life with our most precious little girl, we lost her and had to say “Goodbye” on Friday, October 3. She was a full of life, feisty, loving, affectionate, joyful Wire Haired Fox Terrier who never failed to let us know what she wanted and how much she loved us. It was a funny thing how she did come into our lives. We visited a very good Wire breeder who is known to breed excellent dogs, some champions. She had 2 sisters with her and we actually picked one of her sisters to come home with us. But this one little puppy kept following me around and followed me to my car and wanted to jump in with me. That’s when I knew she picked me and she was our Madison. I believe that she understood every word we said and she let us know in no uncertain terms when it was time to go to Blueberry Park for a run or to take a puppy car ride. She tried to speak to us and did sometimes. The greatest joy we had with Maddie, as we called her, was to sit with her on a chair or couch at the end of the day where she’d lean up against us and give us puppy kisses while we scratched her under he ears. She loved getting groomed and when she came home from a grooming, she would strut around the house as cocky and confident as the dog she was bred to be. When we pulled into the driveway and were coming home from anywhere, we never failed to see her looking out of one of the front windows waiting for us patiently. And when we came in the door, she never failed to greet us by running from room to room, then getting us to kneel down on the floor with her while she licked our faces and jumped at us, welcoming us home. She had a large basket full of squeaky and furry toys of all kinds that she had since she was a puppy. She never destroyed any of her “friends” and was very careful with them, treating them with great care. We knew the end was nearing when during the last few days of her life, she failed to greet us at the door and she just slept on a chair or in her puppy pen. Her final moments were spent in my wife’s arms holding her tightly as I looked into her bright eyes and let her know we will always love her and will see her again someday. Maddie was our little girl and our love for her will carry us forward until the day we see her again. We miss you and love you with all of our hearts, Maddie. Thank you for being our sweet, adorable little girl. Please Lord, watch over our little Maddie and give us the strength that she had all of her life to be happy. From Bill & Celeste Kegel Pittsburgh, PA

MAX – unknown to 8-25-14 Max Kellar 8-25-14 Max was rescued in Tulsa back in 2005 and brought to Midwest City OK, where my husband and I adopted him. He came with a temporary name which he did not respond to, so I went through the alphabet and when I said “Max,” his head and ears went up, I repeated “Max” and he came to me. So “Max” it was. Max was a man’s dog and it took him a solid year to trust me, the lady of the house, but once he did, he never doubted my love for him. He was sweet natured and just a good dog. He would bark at nothing in the back yard but we always bragged that he was keeping the elephants away, and you know we never did see one on Max’s watch, ha! Max was a good traveler and loved long walks. He was a good companion to our girl Joey, who we also lost in June of this year. We don’t know how old he was, but we believe he lived a very full dog life of 15 years or more. Rest in peace sweet old Max, you were a good boy.

JOEY – July 15, 2002 to June 2, 2014.Joey Kellar  8-04-03 Although I have owned WFTs nearly all my life, Joey was the first one my husband and I had acquired together; she kissed his nose that’s all it took. My husband became a “real” dog lover while getting to know my older dog, and with her advancing age, we felt it was a good time to get a puppy together. We loved the way our new pup would jump straight up and down and that is how our girl got the name of Joey, as in baby kangaroo. Joey was the typical terrier “terror” as a pup but grew into the smartest and most loyal of dog I have ever known. She was our constant companion at home and on trips. She had a way of suddenly looking at us from out in the yard or even in our home as if to say “hey, did you hear that?” I miss her coming back to bed after breakfast to laze a while with me, as well as that joyous face when my husband and I would return home to her after a short outing. She clearly was our little girl and the crushing pain of losing her is worse than I could have imagined. The pain will ease in time but the memory of my special dog will forever remain strong. My sweet Jo.

HOLLYHolly Holly was found wandering the streets lost on Christmas Eve.  Some kind person took her to the local shelter.  She was older, deaf and underweight.  The shelter held on to her hoping to find her owner or a new home.  I found out about her and could not leave her there, so of course she came home with me.  I named her Holly because of when she was found.  Holly lived for another 2 1/2 years with my other Smooth Fox Terrier, Garrett.  One day I realized that she was not well and had swollen lymph nodes around her neck.  Thinking it was bad teeth we planned for a full cleaning.  Put her on antibiotics, but it didn’t help and we realized that it was end stage lymphoma.  We tried a week of chemo but the cancer had taken over and there was no stopping it.  Right to the end Holly fought hard like a true little fox terrier, scarfing down pastrami as she left this world here at home.  I was glad that I could give her that extra time, but as I believed that she had a caring home before she was lost and that her ‘mom’ had died, I sent her on to be with her again.  RIP dear Holly Pam Bishop – Fox Terrier Rescue, retired


In honor of my sweet baby Maverick (alias Mav/Mavvie)MaverickBurch

June 29, 2000 – March 1, 2014 You were the happiest guy around.  I found you on www.petfinder.com back in December of 2001 and drove clear out to Ottawa, Kansas, to meet you.  It was rare to find an actual pure bred Wire Fox Terrier in this part of the country, especially a shelter dog, (which is what I wanted), but I guess there was a breeder in that area.  I think your first owners didn’t have enough patience to potty train a puppy, which is why you ended up there.  You were 1-1/2 years old when I met you and they called you Scrapper, which my mom hated.  The owner of Bea Martin Peck Animal Shelter didn’t want to let you go, she wanted to keep you all for herself, but her husband wouldn’t let her, so she kept you at the shelter with her for a year until I called about the listing.  She said she wanted to check with another family who volunteered there first, but then called me back and said I could have you.  I was so excited!  My mom went back with me to get you.  I bought a crate that was probably too small but we took you home in it and you never complained once about being in there, never cried or whined.  (You were always a great car rider.)  So we got you home and you’ve been my heart ever since.  The shelter knew your birthday so every year you got 4 Frosty Paws treats that week.  You learned to roll over and sit up and beg and never failed to use these tricks incessantly in order to obtain food and treats and you bounced just like Tigger.  lol  You loved running in the backyard and lying in the sun out there watching all of nature.  Until last July, when something gave way in your spine and you no longer had all the feeling in your hind legs.  I went to great lengths to get you back to normal, I did my very best for you and we made it another 8 months.  As I sit here crying again, as I have the whole entire week, I hope you are racing around in heaven and I hope you give me a sign that you have crossed the rainbow bridge and arrived in fine shape on the other side.  I love you always, my sweet baby Maverick.  Say hello to Jester.

NUNJA 18 October 2003 – 3 March 2014Mav Roux We played together, we ate together, we slept together and we hunted together. You killed two snakes to protect our family. Death leaves heartache no one can heal … love leaves memories no one can steal. I will never forget my treasured companion. Now rest in peace Nunja (daddy’s little girl). Henno Müller South Africa

BENDEL OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABendel Mead was born in 2003, or thereabouts.  He was found tied up in a barn in Rawlins, WY.  Evidently, his female owner had adopted him when he was a cute fuzzball.  Then, she got a boyfriend who believed that all dogs should be outdoors.  Stupidly, she chose the dude over the dog and out Bendel went.  Every so often, he would escape and run straight into town to the lawn of the local animal control officer, who would pack him up & return him to the farm.  At some point early on, she started assessing fines for each occurrence.  When the fines reached $400, the owner gave permission for the office to contact the Denver Fox Terrier Rescue.  I had just lost two Wires within one week (Bosco & Jake), leaving Baxter alone at about one year old.  I was working with the local Rescue group at the time and Wendell came up on the radar (June 2004).  Yes, his original name was Wendell.  As my naming tradition is B-based, I changed his name immediately to Bendel, after the famous NY department store, Henri Bendel.  Also, I don’t do “Ws” very well.  So, a name was born. A few verbal pictures:

  • When Bendel came into our pack, he had burrs buried so deep in his skin that they had to be surgically removed.
  • He LOVED car rides and walkies.  He bounced straight up & down (fortunately, he never figured out that he could leap forward & over obstacles) like a Jumping Jack.  He would race into the car and rub his whole body on the back seat covering, then hump Baxter.
  • Humping … it’s been said that such behavior is a dominance posture.  Not so with Bendel.  It was pure sensuality.  His eyes would roll back in his head and he’d be in ecstacy.  Baxter just continued whatever he was doing while he got pummeled from behind, the soul of patience.  Or indifference.  He didn’t get grouchy.
  • Bendel was always The Lover (while Baxter is The Pirate).  Bendie would seek out the friendliest person available and had a particular fondness for young girls.  He’d attract them like Velcro.  Both B-boys were extremely social, accepting other dogs and people into their circle.  They marched in parades, visited nursing homes where they navigated gracefully around wheel chairs and were comfortable in crowds.  In fact, they were in the “Dogs of the British Isles” Highland Games four days before Bendel died.  He never let on he was sick.BaxterRestingonBendel-HighlandGames-August2013

Bendel died of cancer of the spleen on 16 August, 2013 at 5:30am.  Baxter & I were there, giving him permission to go.  Alright, I was giving him permission.  Baxter was trying to get to the clinic cat.  And so it goes, with Terriers.

In Memory - Milo RouxMILO   21 June 2002 – 1 October 2013 Aged 11 years “With eye upraised his master’s look to scan, the joy, the solace, and the aid of man: The rich man’s guardian and the poor man’s friend, the only creature faithful to the end.”  Death leaves heartache no one can heal … love leaves memories no one can steal. We will never forget our treasured companion, our beloved Milo…  Charlo, Tania and Dantes

Fiapo 2A TRIBUTE TO FIAPO, A DIFFERENT DOG        30 January 2000 – 9 June 2012 A year ago I spent one of the worst days of my life. Suddenly, at the end of a Saturday night, the house was empty. The next morning you were not in the passenger seat, sitting with his legs to the side, taking care of the car, face and pose boastful, ears pricked, waiting for the end of my breakfast at the bakery for a walk in the park. Always in a different way. Always in your world. Its almost 13 years here were as follows: in your. You had fun your way. Played alone, played with me, not flattered, but loved. Few of us have had the privilege of his love. I was one of them. You never wagged his tail to anyone. No time! Not needed. I felt it was mutual friendship and every second that we live. You have been the guardian of my bad days and I know that I was a great friend of yours here too. Our affection was nicer than any living human. I am grateful every day for having known you. Thank you! (And thanks to Jacqueline Lattari!). Today, I also love Chule and Tutu. But my life is just not the same without you. It is understandable: there will never be another Fiapo. (Paulo Cesar Martin) San Paulo, Brazil

Indy Toman“INDY” Toman    January 2000 to June 1, 2013  Handsome Smooth Fox Terrier Indy lived a wonderful life on beautiful Vancouver Island. He spent summers hiking in the mountains of Strathcona Park, Vancouver Island, as well as taking daily walks in the woods and on the beaches around the small town of Campbell River. His best canine buddy was a Welsh female who died in the spring of 2010. But he was not alone for long, as his mom adopted a rescue female Smooth from Seattle 2-1/2 years ago. Indy left this earth on June 1, 2013. His health started to decline a year ago, but he was still doing long day hikes in the mountains last summer. In January of this year he started getting worse, having problems with his kidneys and later his lungs. His mom had to let him go when he developed real difficulty breathing. He was almost 13-1/2 years old. Always a gentleman but able to stand his grounds to occasional bullies. Loyal and devoted even in sickness when he was insisting to follow me. Loved running on the beaches chasing the ball, fishing and diving for small crabs and mussels. A good companion enduring day long (15 miles) hikes in the high mountains, even 6 months before his death. Handsome guy with beautiful soul, will always live in my heart. So it is in life; they come to us, give us joy and love, and then leave us. He had a good life!  Emily Toman, Indy’s mom

VixenwithHatVIXEN – (Rothbury Ax Minster). 22/2/1996 to 7/8/2009 aged 13 and ½ years.  I bought Vixen from a breeder in May 1996 aged 3 months old. She was well known in Australia (Melbourne) starring on TV 3 times.  The TV Series Burkes Backyard. Don Burke was the host & did the interview with the Fox Terrier Club. Vixen also starred on the TV Series Dr Harry Practice on Channel 9.  I did animal acting with Vixen where she learnt to balance on objects & do tricks, this gave her the opportunity to star on the Children’s TV series Round the Twist on Channel 2. Vixen performed as  the fox terrier attacking the postman’s leg. That was very challenging for me to teach her to bite, because in all the years that I had her she never bite anyone.  I had a wonderful 13 & a ½ years with her.  She was truly special to me; she was my 1st Smooth Fox Terrier I owned.  I always loved & wanted a Fox Terrier since I was a little girl. She was always a very placid dog. She slept in her dog bed in my bedroom and would wake me during the night with her paw touching my arm to take her outside to go to the toilet. She was fully house trained.   She also loved chasing tennis balls, and biting my vacuum when I was cleaning and loved chasing kangaroos at the local park.  I could walk her off lead anywhere I went she was always by my side.   When my husband would leave for work in early in the morning, she would wait until she heard him leave & waited until the front door closed. Vixen knew she wasn’t allowed to come into bed that with me when my husband was home.  As soon as he left she would quickly jump up into bed with me for a sleep & a cuddle 6 days a week. Another time I collapsed in the corridor during the night suffering from low blood level (hypoglycaemia) –Diabetes.  Vixen kept nudging my husband in bed with her wet nose, to alert him I had collapsed. Vixen was put to sleep, after being unwell for 10 months with lung cancer. She was a very much loved, till we meet again.  From Margaret Mangone.

Seven GoldenSEVEN – March 14, 2000 to July 3, 2013 Seven came into our family over Labour Day weekend in 2000. We could tell almost from the beginning that she was special. Whilst she would frequently attempt to dig into the couch or the carpet, we never once saw her attempt to dig outside. She was inexplicably terrified of balloons; if she saw one in any room, she would not reenter that section of the house until someone had shown her that the offensive object had been removed. Our nightly dinners were soon serenaded by her sharp, piercing bark as she demanded her own share of the meal. She’d steal your seat on the couch faster and quieter that you could possibly imagine. She was a great and patient listener, though I’m not sure if her understanding of the English language extended any further than the words “treat” and “walk.” Her bizarre idiosyncrasies may have ranged from adorable to annoying, but we gladly took them all because of the value of her companionship, the love she showed for us, and the joy she brought to our home. She was truly a part of our family, and she will be dearly missed.  The Golden Family

Bill&NoahNOAH – November 14, 1999 – June 21, 2013 Noah was my first wft (My parents had one when I was an infant). I have had at least one terrier for the past 50 years. He was somehow different. Typical for a wire he had many adventures. For the past 3-4 years, since I retired, we became inseparable. As a result there is a hole in my life and I still look for him underfoot. He is now in our back yard being watched over by St. Francis. Although, like most terriers, he is impatient but, as I’m 83, he won’t have to wait at the Bridge forever and I know he has good company. Bill

   GRIFFEY  1-17-2000 – 5-18-2013Griffey Bennett 2 Our 13 year old wire fox terrier, Griffey, was diagnosed with kidney failure in February and had to be put down on May 18, 2013. He was the best “bad” dog we could have ever wished for……Griffey Bennett so much fun & so funny. Our family REALLY misses him and we will never forget all the joy & laughter he gave us.

HuckOn April 18th, in 1998, a most amazing soul entered this world as an extra-ordinary Smooth Fox Terrier. His name was Huckleberry. There was something very special about Huckleberry; after getting to know him, I came to understand the concept of an old soul. There’s simply no way one can get that wise and wonderful in one lifetime. His start might have been a bit rocky, but by shortly after his first year, we found each other. I knew immediately that we were meant to be together, as did he. He had a lot to teach me and I had a lot to learn. There were lessons about friendship, patience, kindness, forgiveness, self esteem, NOT being judgmental, and unconditional love. Things that some parents teach their kids; are things that I got to learn from a very sweet and special dog. Even in death he left me with lessons to learn, lessons I’m still trying to process, learn from, and that with time, will hopefully allow me even more personal growth. To say I miss my Huckleberry just doesn’t seem to scratch the surface of the situation. For now, I still take it one day at a time. Sweet Huckleberry, your love knows no bounds. You have, and always will have, a very prominent, special, and beloved place in my heart and in my soul. I miss you with every breath I take. I love you dearly and some day, I know we will be together again. Until next time sweet prince, my Angel, my Saint… All my love. Mom

DYLAN Our beloved wire, Dylan, aka Deeman, lived a wonderful, happy life in Calabasas and Thousand Oaks, Ca. We rescued him from ATRA in Somis, Ca in May, 1998. We think he was about 3. He passed away on January 7, 2010, at the ripe old age of 15+. He was a wonderful, affectionate family member. He loved to ride in the car car and swim in our pool. He would “just appear” at my knee, as he was a very quiet little guy. He hardly ever barked or made a sound, except for an occasional loud yawn. Until for the last year or so, he would put his head on your knee when you were sitting and would push your hand up…both gestures were signs that he want to be petted! As is any wire haired terrier, Deeman was an escape artist. It is a miracle that he made it to his age without becoming a coyote’s dinner. In his last year, he almost got away twice! Deeman…we will always love you and miss you. You may be succeeded by another wire rescue dog, but you will never be replaced. You were unique…our beautiful boy, our precious little angel….. Love, Mom and Mark

WOODIE & WESLEY We picked Woodie and Wesley from a litter and had them for about eleven years. They were our lap dogs and brought so much happiness to our lives. Wesley died about nine months before Woodie. Their footprints remain on our hearts to this day. Tom and Joy

BUSTER Our Buster, aka Oliver Rupert (June 2, 1994 – April 11, 2011) left us yesterday and of course we’re heartbroken. He almost made it to his 17th birthday so we’re glad to say he had a good long life. He was my shadow, until near the end he followed me everywhere. He loved to cuddle and I would hold him often and let him put his head on my shoulder and have a nap. He was so much fun to play with, we used to play chase in a circular route around the house, and when I stopped and said “Freeze!” he’d stay perfectly still. As a young puppy he learned to roll over and that was his favorite trick as it involved getting a cookie. Later on in his life we started going for two mile walks at the beach, he loved every minute of it and always led the way, meeting lots of dog friends along the path. Buster was a “people person”! We’ll miss you every single day, Rest in Peace sweet boy, you’ll always be in our hearts. xx

JACKSON & ZOE Jackson and Zoe (1998-2011) were from the same breeder and were each other’s best friends.  Jack came first and was very laid back, liked to snuggle, cuddle and a few weeks before Christmas along came Zoe.  From the minute she walked in our home she let everybody know (including Jack) that she was the boss.  She was always on the go.  She was faster but Jack could outsmart her.  On April 17th, we lost our little Zoe and on July 23rd, Jack had to be put down due to cancer affecting his major organs.  There is not a day that goes by that I do not miss them both terribly.  At the end of this month we will be adopting two rescue fox terriers and even though we don’t have them yet, I love them both already.  My home is empty without a Wire Fox Terrier in it.  I loved to the moon and back, forever and ever, Jack and Zoe.

PENNY Our beautiful Penny-girl passed away September 1, 2011 at 10:45am. We adopted her at the Animal Shelter,San Antonio, Texas in 2000 and never did regret it. She was so beautiful and wonderful. Her little friend our Schnauzer misses her so much and he is still looking for her. I hope to find another Wirehair as soon as possible for our Bubba, but so far I have had no luck. We miss you sooooo much, Momma, Pappa and Dean

ASTA Fabricant 7/16/98 – 9/28/12 Forever in our hearts

SYDNEY February 23, 1998 – February 17, 2012 Sydd was my first WFT. He was my best friend and companion for almost 14 years. He loved everyone he met and never missed an opportunity to show that. He was the typical rambunctious WFT puppy. He loved socks (especially the ones I was trying to put on), his tennis ball and his stuffed gorilla. He took great pride in his ability to gut his stuffed toys in record time. He loved to go riding in the car and bark at every cow and horse he saw. He was an accomplished carrot diver and would stick his head underwater to search for carrots in the bottom of his play pool. I learned the hard way, when he mistook my toe for a carrot, that his underwater vision wasn’t so good. One of the greatest joys for Sydney was shredding paper. On one occasion, I accidentally left a new roll of paper towels on the desk. When I returned to the office a few minutes later, the entire floor was a sea of shredded paper towels. He looked so happy. His tail was too short and his coat wasn’t perfect. He hated the vacuum monster and flies. I loved all of his “imperfections.” My favorite times with him were road trips and cuddling with him on the sofa when it was cold. At age 11, Sydd went into congestive heart failure from a damaged heart valve. With treatment, we were able to maintain the quality of his life for several years. As his heart condition worsened, exercise was difficult for him and he could only walk short distances, so we bought him a stroller. He loved to be outside and always looked so proud sitting in his stroller. He died 5 days before his 14th birthday, from an unrelated condition. I miss him every day. He will always be my heart dog. Katherine Garrison

MAGGIE MAY Born: May 11, 2001 Died: June 19, 2004 We are Gene & Bonnie Masten, Mom and Dad to our sweet “baby doll” Maggie May. On June 19, 2004 we lost the light of our lives in a freak accident. She got into a disagreement with her sister Minnie, our 10 yr old miniature schnauzer. The tussle lasted only seconds, but the damage done to our Maggie was devastating. She somehow had 80% of her tongue bitten off. The vet told us we could keep her alive by putting a feeding tube in her stomach, but without her tongue, how could she ever kiss me again? Not to mention, “quality of life.” So I made the decision to let her go. Her last day with us was a good one, she ran in the back yard and played with her brother, a 7 month old male wire fox terrier named Sparky. We still talk about her everyday, and I still say good night to her every night. I hope she hears me and I hope she knows how much she is loved and missed.

JAK Rescued November 18, 2001 Passed August 12, 2004 We found Jak one rainy cold night running down a street in our neighborhood. After a few door-to-door inquiries, my boyfriend and I took him home and warmed him up. He warmed our lives ever since. Jak was a senior and we quickly found out he was deaf. But his age didn’t stop him from being a playful little boy. I can still see him tearing around in our front yard as we went to get the mail! We all had many endearing nicknames for him: Mr. Whiskers (because his whiskers we so crazy and wild!), Piggy, Snout, Jakson, The Baby, Mr. Chan (as in Jackie Chan). I would even make up little songs for him :) He was well traveled – accompanying us on many trips up and down the West coast. Jak’s dad and I will miss him very much, but think of him always. He was one special little boy. Bianca Thomka & Neil Duncan

RUBY Ruby was such a special little girl. She was born on November 18th, 1997 in Sulfur Springs, Texas. I adopted her on April 3, 1998, from a couple who just couldn’t handle her spunk. Roo was a handful, to say the least, but she brought me so much companionship and happiness. She was always sick, though… and on July 9, 2002, we had to let my little brown eyed girl go to heaven, hopefully bringing happiness to someone up there. I miss her so much… and so does her nana and daddy. We wouldn’t have traded the years of mishaps and hyperactivity for anything. Ruby, Mama loves you so much. I wish your new little brother, Ben, could have met you– you two would have had lots of fun together. You’ll always be with me, Roobiloo. :)

 PAMMY Rescued April 27, 1997 – Died November 6, 2002 My husband and I rescued Pammy from a puppy mill when she was about 3 years old. My husband never had a dog before, and instantly fell in love. She had been debarked and spent all her time outside in a cage covered with a blue tarp; she did not know how to play with toys and would NOT go outside for fear she would not be let back in. In a few short hours we discovered we could get her to do anything for a treat! Pammy loved to eat, and her MO was to sit up and beg it worked every time! Pammy’s best friend was one of our cats, Chumley. Chum was our cat before Pammy came along, and they very quickly became the “black and white team” and totally inseparable! Pammy, being the little mama she was, would lay next to him and lick his ears and face, then he’d return the favor. Often they’d do it for so long we’d have to “break it up!” The night she died, he kept vigil at the door of her crate, never leaving her side. Chumley still misses her, nudging the other dogs for an ear-lick, to no avial! Pammy was my best friend, too. She came to me on the day before I was to have surgery, and spent the days after lying at my feet, comforting me with her presence. She was my shadow, and even went to work with me every day, where everyone looked forward to her doing tricks for treats! Pammy was as sweet as could be, but don’t let that fool you! Some of her best moments were spent chasing, obsessing over and catching varmints in our yard – how proudly she’d run the yard perimeter displaying her trophies! I always felt that she came to us because she was meant to spend her later years in doggy luxury, and she did! She was a happy little dog who knew she was very loved. We are so grateful to have known her. Rest in peace, Pammers, we will love and miss you forever.

GUS Gus, also known as “Gee” (the only part of “doggie” our little girl could say) was the center of the household. Playing with the kids, biting the vacuum cleaner, cuddling on the couch, all the things we loved about Gus – too many to mention – we miss each day. His spunky nature and sweet brown eyes will always be cherished. Our goodbye came too soon – but we’ll keep our wonderful memories forever. Martha

CRICKET Febuary 21, 1994 to June 26, 2010 We first met only a few days after you were born. I had just started working at the kennel. I was not even sure what kind of dog you were. It had only been 3 months since I had lost my childhood dog. I got home and told my mom all about the puppies with the long noses. At first I looked at one of your brothers because he had a half black face. But the longer I helped take care of the liter I noticed that you were the first one to look up and run to me. I was hooked. I brought you home on my 17th birthday. You just fit in side my hands. The ride was a little scary at first because of the music on the radio. I petted you and you perked up and relized it was ok. That was just the begining of a beautiful friendship between you and I. As we were growning up we were unseperatable. You went on vacation with me, went and hung out at friend houses. When I lost my dad you were there for me to hold while I cried. Putting your head on my shoulder and grunting that you understood. When my mom died you were there for a repeat performance. Every time I cried you would run to me to comfort me. I was concerned when I got married because Chuck said you couldn’t sleep in the bed. He “learned” pretty quickly that he was out of luck. You had ALWAYS slept under the covers right next to me and that was not going to change. I worried about jealousy when I had my first child. You just kinda looked at him and must of thought, “we’ll see”. After a few weeks you realized that as long as there was room at my side that you would have to share. Before you got in the chair you would just look at me and wait for me to make the room. I did it without a second glance. I stayed with you until the very end. Your body became too weak to stand. I slept with you on the floor that night like we use to both of our heads on the pillow snuggled up under the blankets.  It was the hardest decision that I had ever made, but I could not see you suffer any longer. I could see it in your eyes. I held you and whispered into your ears “I love you, my sweet angel. It is ok for you to go.” As I cry tonight, I can feel your head on my chest and hear a little grunt. I miss you my sweet angel. I’ll be looking for you to run to me again. Love, Momma

EINSTEIN My beloved friend, lover, companion and child past away on April 2nd, 2010,  He was 15 years old at the time.  He is gone but never forgotten….  Einstein!:   I will always love you and appreciate all the wonderful times we had together. Named after the dog in “Back to the Future”, Einstein is survived by his brother, Albert. Albert looked up to his older brother and idolized him as a role model.  He is now lonely without you and wonders where you are.. We love you so very much and you will always be in our hearts forever. Ric

GUS 1993-2007 Gus, my love, my heart.  You called me from the pound, and when I got there you just stood and looked at me.  When I took you out to play, you made it plain you just wanted to Go Home. You were there for me through tough times and joyous ones.  You warmed my bed, and my heart. I will miss you always, and remember you with love.  One day we will be together again, and life will be Complete. Your loving Mom, Helen

REGGIE: 1993-2006 GERTIE: 1995-2007 Both Reggie and Gertie came from the same breeders, they were Meninites here in Michigan. I guess I would call it a puppy mill. Both born in a barn, although Ms Gertie would never want to here anyone say that! She was “Always a Lady to me”. She loved attention and naps, lots of them. Reggie on the other hand had no problem with “being born in a barn”. He was full of adventure. He loved to swim, and suffered from constant ear infections due to his love of the water. One day at the cottage he heard some children across the lake, he loved kids, Ms Gerts did not, so he jumped off the dock and started to swim to the other side. My husband Phil called out to him. Reggie turned his head around and contemplated Phil’s tone, then kept right on swimming. Phil yelled out again, tone a bit more stern and Reg looked over his shoulder again and said to himself Ok Ok I guess I have to come back. He made it almost half way to the other side. Reggie’s ear problems persisted and I believe he eventually became deaf, but he lived a hearty life with Gertie always at his side scolding him for his wonder lust, anyway they were life long partners and when we decided to put Reggie down due to Alzheimers, Gertie was not quite the same, she was depressed. She was never sick and we figured with all her napping and pampering she would live several years past Reg “not”. She had two seizures withing the year of his passing and the last one paralized her totally on one side. My husband had to take her to the vets and put her down on his birthday, then drove straight up to the cottage where Reggie is buried to put her in the ground beside her beloved Reggie. We now have a 3 year old male wire and a year old female. We will never be without our wires, the joy out weighs the pain and loss, ”SO begin the beguine. I know it’s a dance, but it sounded appropriate. Kathy Roy

PEPITO Born 15 March 1995, died 20 January 2009 Your zest for life was contagious, a gift to cherish forever. I could never be unhappy with you around because you simply didn’t believe in unhappiness–nor sadness, nor boredom. Never afraid of going for what you wanted, you happily robbed the mail truck for dog biscuits when the opportunity smiled upon you. With your disarming grin you charmed everyone, from shy dogs to wild ponies. Your talent with feral kittens was unprecidented. Even without you here I’m still charmed. Violet Hayes

KUKI Born July 22, 1999 – Died July 2, 2008 In memory of KUKI, the most beautiful and funny dog. We miss you a lot and we’ll never forget you. Your Dad, your Mum and your sisters CIAO KUKI 

TOMMY (CH Rivendell Moe Trouble, CD, SE,CGC) Tommy was born August 29, 1993 and he died July 10, 2007.  Tommy was beautiful inside and out; he was a very special dog.  I think he believed he had a mission – to bring a smile to everyone he met.  He was willing to try anything.  I took him to obedience, agility and tracking classes.  He loved it all… except picking up that dumbell! When we discovered earthdog trials, he knew he had found what he was bred to do! And all the while, something special happened when we visited nursing homes, hospitals and children’s Head-Start programs.  This was something he didn’t have to be taught-the connection between Tommy and people was instant and heartfelt.  He is missed every day, but he is right here in our hearts forever. Jayne

LATKA Latka was my very first, and only terrier. I got him at 4 months old from a breeder who had promised him to an elderly couple, but the husband took ill and they couldn’t take him. He was a dream from the beginning. I called him an “old soul”. He wasn’t an overly playful dog. He would rather just be with you and cuddle. He had not one mean bone in his body. He co-habitated with two guinea pigs and a cat! He never growled, he never snarled. The only time the true terrier feistiness showed itself was at nail clipping time. When we took him to the vet to have his nails trimmed they had to muzzle him and he kicked his hind legs like a horse. He was a handful, but made us all laugh.  Latka loved all creature and if any dog growled at him he stood his ground, but wagging his tail! He would fit in beautifully at Woodstock – Peace – Love and all things groovy. Latka developed lymphoma in May of this year. We did everything in our power to save him, but alas, the disease was stronger than his body and our love. He closed his eyes for the last time on August 24, 2007, a day shy of his 10th birthday.  He is forever entwined in my soul and no matter where I am, or what I am doing, Latka is with me, that much I know.  Goodnight my dear friend. Godspeed. Naomi and John

SANDY San Sebastian Anastasia  May 29, 1992 – April 9, 2003 Sandy came to us nearly 11 years ago on July 26, 1992. She was considered a ‘love puppy’, because of her little crooked tail, she wasn’t considered ‘show’ quality. Her moniker ‘love puppy” soon changed to ‘love bug’. Her new nickname fit perfectly. She loved life; her ‘big brother’, Fuzz; her pesky little sister Katie; playing in the hose or any water; or ‘helping’ Dad mow the grass. When we would go for a walk, we would have to carry her past the children, because she loved playing with children. She even would make the rabbits ‘get in their hole’, rather than kill them, and the squirrels ‘get in their tree’. She loved the other members of the family, and would greet them with the biggest smile. She loved playing ball, even making up games with her ball like rolling it under the couch or table with her nose. I was then supposed to roll it back. This would go on and on until I was tired. Most especially, though, she loved me.  Sandy was my shadow when I was home. She knew when I needed quiet time, and would just lie beside or near me. When I was sad or depressed, she would get her toy and literally entertain me. When I had my back surgery, she wanted to get in bed with me. I explained I couldn’t lift her, and she understood. Instead, she laid under the bed for as long as I was in it. If she was in another room and I thought of her, she would come to me. One time, we were in another state. When we started home, I thought of her constantly. The lady staying with my mother said Sandy spent the whole day looking for me. When I fell and cracked my pelvis, she brought me her ball. That usually made me happy, and she wanted me happy. Even at the end, she stayed longer than she should have for my sake, then made it easier for me the last day. Sandy’s stay with us was far too short, but the time was well spent. Everyone who knew her loved her; ‘sweet’ was always used to describe her; and she was described by one vet as ‘too intelligent for her own good’. Of all the wonderful things she did in her short life, she personified ‘unconditional love’ to me. What hurt her the most was for me to get upset with her. But, as soon as I showed her it was O.K. and I still loved her, all was forgiven. Rest well, Love Bug. You are much missed and much loved.

BOONE Born May 21, 1992 – Died November 1, 2007 Boone was the quintessential fox terrier. He loved to play as long as anyone would play with him. He was fearless. Where other dogs might take a tentative approach Boone would jump in head first. Whether it was being the first puppy to run down stairs or a running leap off the pier into the lake, he did everything full tilt. For 14 and a half years he was the constant companion of Scott. He was a helper, always ready to keep Scott company while he worked in the garage. He was a cuddler, always ready to get under the covers for a warm nap with you. Everyone who knew Boone loved him and I know he is especially missed by Scott who now has a fox terrier sized hole in his house. Written by Jeannine, Scott Ostrander’s friend

JUDY “Judy” the Smooth was one of my first rescue fox terriers in 1985. I found her in a local animal shelter as she had been picked up as a stray. No one claimed her and I brought her home. Such a sweet girl, I couldn’t understand how she became homeless, but she was the start of my saving over 100 other fox terriers in the following years. Judy was a lucky girl and found a wonderful home with Jean. The two were best friends and Judy lived out a long and happy life with Jean. Jean is still a strong supporter of FTN and FTrescue. Judy would be pleased. Pam So Calif Fox Terrier Rescue

WINNIE & MR. RAGGS Winnie was a wire and a princess. I was her third owner; I responded to an ad in the newspaper. She was three when I bought her from a military family who had to choose between her and their Yorkie. When I got her, she was the victim of a bad diet (Gainesburgers, ugh!), bad skin, bad ears and a very bad hair cut. I already had a 4-year-old male wire foxie, Mr. Raggs, and I confess I didn’t go about the introduction right. But over the years, they worked out their differences. Winnie loved to chase soap bubbles; she could actually keep count of how many I had blown. But of course if she was having too much fun, Mr. Raggs would charge in and spoil it. Winnie also had the useful habit of smelling cockroaches (we live in Hawaii where the roaches are huge), tracking them down and squashing them. I called her my Roach Terrier. Mr. Raggs went first, in 1999, at the age of 15. Winnie survived another year. She died at the age of 16 in my arms. She was frail and blind and deaf. I think she hung on for my sake. Our last day together was very special. I let her eat turkey and gravy and ice cream. I sat in the park with her and let her smell the grass (fleas didn’t matter any more). Then we lay on my bed and watched tv, with her on my lap. At 5 p.m., I took her to her vet’s and we sent her off to Dog Star. I loved Mr. Raggs, but I’ll never have a better dog than Winnie. Shannon Carreiro

HAL Hal the Smooth Fox Terrier was the beloved “best friend” of Ken Erickson of Minnesota. Hal has been waiting at the Rainbow Bridge for Ken since March, 1999. Rest in peace Hal.

MOWGLI Mowgli always the good boy, always the perfect gentleman!Mowgli was born December 10, 1997 and passed March 12, 2005. Mowgli was such a wonderful dog, from the day we brought him home he always tried to please. He was my best friend and loved to cuddle close every night. Even at the end, he spared us the decision to put him down and went peacefully in his sleep. His life was all to short, but brought our family so much joy and love. Mowgli, mommy and daddy will miss you always and look forward to the day when we can all be together again. Bill and Debbie Goode.

GARTH (Ch. Moorhaven Ropin’ the Wind) He was born May 10, 1993 and he died May 1, 2007. He came to live with us on his fifth birthday after retiring from a show career, and immediately took charge of the household, ruling with a showman’s charm and an iron paw. He loved to take walks in the mini-park nearby and get wet and smelly in the stream that ran through it. His back yard was his kingdom, and every night before going to sleep he would patrol it, running the perimeter in the dark and barking he special bark that put the neighborhood on notice: “I’m here!” He was very fond of his sofa and he loved car rides, walks on the beach or in the woods, and especially food. All food. He was initially taken aback by the move to Brooklyn at age 11, but quickly learned the advantages of city life: lots more stinky things to sniff, many more passers-by, both canine and human, to meet and greet, and best of all, an abundance of pet stores (and other biscuit-distribution points) within walking distance. No walk, however short, was complete unless at least one biscuit had been cadged from somewhere. It is still hard to believe he is gone, so quickly felled by cancer that attacked his brain. Such a huge personality in such a tiny frame: such reserves of determination and drama and fire! We miss him every day. Kathleen and Jarek

MURPHY Murphy was our first wire fox terrier and lived a long life from 1993 to 2007, although he died suddenly in a car accident, leaving us all heartbroken.  Up to the end, as a true terrier, he ran off looking for adventure.  Murphy was loved by me and my husband and our two daughters.  He was full of energy as a puppy and other than some arthritis the last 2 years, he still was full of spunk at times, but also loved to cuddle.  He was the most gentle and wonderful dog and will be greatly missed. Sue

SPARKY the Smooth Frisbeedog Sparky traveled all over with his best friend and owner Dave Huffine. Sparky competed in Frisbee and spread the word that the Smooth could catch a Frisbee with the best. Sparky passed away in 1999, but will always be in the heart of the Huffine family. This picture is of Sparky and his friend Ginger playing in the pool.

TARA Tara was the best dog. She was our family’s first, but hopefully not its last, wire haired fox terrier. My mom got Tara in 1985. She loved chasing squirels, skunks, birds, and anything elsed that moved. She always wagged her tail and was happy to see us when we came to the door. She loved cheese, and would jump up and down like a pogo-stick if you said the word. She also loved chomping on a pig’s ear. She did “the bull”. She loved getting dried off after taking a bath. Tara loved to travel in the car. She had 3 great puppies. Old age finally caught up to her in 1999. …she was the best. We love you Tara!


Geoff, my eccentric smooth Fox terrier, died on October 29. I now find myself going to places he loved to sit-on a certain pillow, a piece of furniture or at the edge of the swimming pool where he would sit for hours gazing at the sun shining on the water. Geoff was a free-spirited loner, but he still needed affection from me. He was the ever-patient friend and teacher to Tina, the smooth youngster. It is strange and sad that now Tina sits at Geoff’s place by the pool, and lies on Geoff’s pillow. Tina misses her friend and companion. I see Tina staring sadly, or trotting solo around the property and I feel she is always looking for Geoff. As I am. Teresa Newkirk


Chips: February 19, 1987 – December 15, 1999. Almost 13 years with us and I was still in awe of Chips’ adorableness. He was a happy, hyper, outgoing Wire Fox Terrier. He loved going for walks, doing tricks for food, chasing squirrels and beetles and meeting new people. He was always the center of attention and could never be ignored. Everyone who met Chips fell in love with him — even the cat adored him! He kept the whole family on his schedule. He would demand his snacks at the same time every evening by tapping us on the legs with his paw. He would pounce on me while I was reading a magazine or newspaper. And when it was time for his walks, he’d sit up straight and tall with his eyes wide open and pleading. I had to watch what I said in front of him because so many words and phrases translated into “lets go for a walk.” He may have been spoiled, but he was too cute to say no to. Everything my Chips did had tons of charm and charisma. From the way he cocked his head when something fascinated him to his soft, melodious howl he’d sing out at night, Chips was quite the character. He’ll always be loved and remembered. Karen Schoenfeld  

PIGGY  Dobra’s Small Town Girl Piggy, started out as Peggy, but quickly earned her name! She started out as a show dog and got about half way to her championship, but Piggy hated dog shows and we gave up. She did produce a couple of champions before retirement. After coming back to me at about 6 yrs., Piggy went to live with Judy. The two of them became fast friends and Piglett lived out her life with Judy. Cancer finally took her just before she turned 15 yrs. What a dear….  

ARTHUR I brought Arthur home from Pam’s rescue on June 11, 1995, when he was about 2 1/2 years old. We spent the next 12 1/2 years together growing stronger. We had such a great bond; he gave me so much love. He was a mellow wire, but he had his terrier moments. He was such a wonderful friend for all those years. His health started to fail and I let him go on December 7, 2007. I miss you terribly my little boy. I hope I gave you as much love in your life as you gave to me. I will see you again. Until then, enjoy your freedom with no pain and have fun with the others who went before you. Fran

TODD I’ve had many Smooths, as a breeder/exhibitor and then all the ones that came though my house as rescues.  You care for them all, but some are just “special”.  Todd was my special dog.  He came from a shelter at about 5yrs old, a rescue volunteer picked him up for me as I was busy with the other rescue dogs.  Todd had a chip on his shoulder when he got here.  If you tried to touch his feet, he would bite.  Not hard, but he made his point.  Someone had hurt him and he wasn’t going to let that happen again.  I knew he could not go into a home this way, and that Todd and I would be together, at least for a few months. As the months passed and he learned to trust me, we also formed that oh so special bond.  We both knew that he would be staying.  Todd lived a long and good life with me.  Our communication and love for each other was unquestioned.  He knew about the other rescue dogs and it was fine with him.  At about 14 yrs, Todd started getting sick.  I did everything possible to keep him going and happy and out of pain, and he hung on because we didn’t want to part.  But the day came that he just needed to go. I asked him to be there for the others that would pass in the coming years, and he agreed.  So many dogs since then, that I’ve had to let go from age or injury, I call to Todd and ask him to come and take that one to the Bridge.  Last year was the hardest when I had to send his friend David, but I know that Todd came and stayed with David as he adjusted. Someday Todd and I will be together again…..  Pam

ROCKY He was a great loved first child.  He entered our lives with very little notice and exited just the same. He was born on May 26, 2004 and was loved by his mommy and daddy since August 12, 2005. He died this past Wednesday (April 23, 2008) after a very short illness that left him weak. He lived a short life and was taken too soon, but the Vets tried all that they could to save him, he knew. Rocky loved to sit in his chair and would watch out his window. he would play with his toys, his favorites were the duck, the baseball ball, and the cardinal bird. He wished to go and be wherever we were. He will be greatly missed, our buddy, our baby, our Rocky dog. Arin, Jeremy, and unborn Charlie

BLACK JACK My family adopted Jack when I was in junior high. He was sweet, affectionate and the perfect family dog. For five, happy years, BlackJack was my perfect dog. He never bit anyone, not even when being drug around by his tail (that was the toddler’s doing, not mine). Sadly, Jack had a habit of running out the door. He knew his way home and would return without fail, but there was always a fear he’d get hit by a car. A few weeks ago, that nightmare came true, and my sweet, sweet Jack is gone. My mom has been part of the FTN for years, she has two wires (crazy, I know!) She told me I could submit my BlackJack into the ‘In Memory’ page. I’d like to thank you for all your work to get WFT and SFT rescued and adopted. I also want you to know I appreciate the support network you have for fellow Fox Terrier lovers. Thanks and keep up the great work. -Faith, 19, California

WINSTON Born October 13, 1996-Died April 2, 2010 Winston came into our lives about six months after we lost our first wire to cancer.  My two daughters, ages 4 and 6 and I told my husband that we were just going “to look” at the puppies.  We drove from our home in Oakland, CA to Santa Rosa.  There were two puppies left a boy and a girl.  They always say to choose the pup who comes to you.  Well Winston didn’t do that — he ran around the garage where the breeder kept the puppies.  We chose him primarily because the little girl was gnawing on my 4 years old’s hand which she didn’t like!!  Winston turned out to be the best dog I have ever known.  He was smart, sweet, friendly, loving and silly.  He loved his toy fox, treats (any kind) and most of all he loved us.  He went almost everywhere with us…to the mountains, camping and he loved his walks.  He especially loved the long walk where we would get to the stream and he would take a swim.  He was always healthy but in the end he died from renal failure.  Truly one of the saddest days of my life was April 2, 2010.  I will miss him every day of my life. Gay, Mike, Rachael & Allie Chiappetta

DAVID When I went to pick up David from the shelter, I found him semi-conscious and near death. He was literally skin and bones, and totally dehydrated and they had still neutered him. I grabbed him and ran for my vet. David pulled thru but it was obvious that his mind was damaged. Slowly David got better and better and in time went to live with a man that adopted him. But David lost that home when the man lost his job. David came back to me with many mental problems and lived out his life here. As the years went by, he got stronger and stronger and was able to enjoy life to some degree. Last year (2006) he had a freak accident and lost a front leg, and simply went down hill from there. The decision to let him go came when he got sick in November. His work here was done and it was time for him to be free. Free of pain, free of fear, finally happy. I miss you so, but it was your time. I hope that your time with me helped. Pam SCFoxTerrierRescue

WINSTON He was born November 30, 2000 and he died July 31, 2007. We love and miss you. Tiggy Freeman

Curtis Curtis was always a bit different. Not as confident as most Smooths, he needed lots of attention and understanding. He went to live with Herb and Dena when he was 1.5 yrs. Curtis lived out his life with them, passing on recently at 13 yrs. He LOVED to hunt! Took on a skunk and thought that he won…(vbg) Long walks in the country were great fun for Curtis, but a trial for “dad”….but he was loved and that’s what matters. We will miss you.


Mickey was found wandering the streets as a senior dog. Taken in by Pam Bishop (rescue), he was too old and too sick to place. He lived another 3 yrs as mascot for So Calif Fox Terrier Rescue. Mickey could open cabinets and let you know who was boss (he was!). He loved wandering around the property and checking to be sure that everything was going his way. He handled a lot of different problems, but when he completely went blind, that was too much for him. We believe he was about 15 yrs then when he finally left for the Bridge. We know that somewhere Mickey is still “in charge”!


One of the saddest days of my life finally came to pass. At 0300 on December 16th, 1999 I took my beloved Kilty into the vet’s to send him over the Rainbow Bridge. I’ve done this many times in the past, but Kilty was different. Kilty was a Smooth Fox Terrier that I adopted at the approximate age of 10 months, nearly 17 years ago. He was picked up as a stray in Boulder County, Colorado. I never meant to keep him but his personality caught hold of me, Kilty was Houdini, RinTinTin, and Curious George all rolled into one animal. There was nothing he couldn’t do when he put his mind to it. Kilty’s most amazing feat was opening the refrigerator. He would do this whenever the urge struck him. He was a legend in the family, the extended family, and the neighborhood. He developed a sort of cult following. “What has Kilty done this week” was a frequently asked question by many. When he died, there were many tears shed by many people, for surely we all knew there would never be anybody quite like him. Rest in peace, my friend.


Schuster was born April 19, 1999 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He was my friend for 11 years, until an illness ended his life. He was a wonderful friend, funny, cute, sweet. His death broke my heart because he was my faithful mate.  Fabian Pablo Emanuelli


Chloe was one of my first Smooths. She turned out too big to show, but had one of the most glorious temperaments I’ve ever met. She simply loved life. She lived for several years with a retired couple in their motorhome. They traveled around the country staying for a few weeks at different campsites.

Everyone loved Chloe and she loved to travel. When their health failed, she returned to me. She lived for a couple more years with another senior woman, but when she didn’t have the time, again, Chloe came home. For her last 6 mos she lived with a wonderful senior woman that loved her dearly and made her last months comfortable and fun. Up until the last few weeks, Chloe was still going for walks and greeting her friends….she never met anyone that wasn’t her best friend. She was special…

SADIE Sadie was born March 17, 1993 and she died July 3, 2005.  We got her when she was 4 years old from a breeder.  She was the sweetest dog and everyone that knew her loved her.  She always kept us laughing whether she was “burying” a bone in the carpet, panting under the covers because she was too hot, or just getting into the most comfortable position possible.  She was always everywhere we were.  She could be sound asleep on the couch and it one of us left the room for a minute she would be right there with us.  We don’t know why she died; the vet doesn’t have any idea what happened.  All we know is that she died where she was probably the happiest – right on our bed.  We think of her often and miss her so much.  We love you Sadie! Paul, Tracey, Alexander and Lauren Tripp


This is Stoli..AKA “super”. There was nothing this little dog could not do! From water skiing to swimming to being my very best friend. From the day I rescued him as a puppy to the day he passed, he was always with me. By my side through thick and thin, Stoli always would make me feel better! But, after 12 glorious years I lost my little one to cancer. He truly was “man’s best friend”. You will be deeply missed little man.


(1993 – 2000) Died of Renal Failure (safe in her mommy’s arms) In this uncertain life, You made me sure of one thing - That you loved me. You eagerly awaited my arrival when I was away - Your greeting filled with enthusiastic kisses. When I was sad or sick, you laid at my feet To let me know that I was not alone. Your favorite things were so uncomplicated. Sitting on my lap, or playing with a favorite toy were pleasures. Your joy filled the end of a hard day with laughter. I don’t know what I did right to earn your love and trust. But I do know that for every ounce I gave, I received 100-fold in return. I miss you and this pain in my heart will probably stay with me for all my days. But imagining you now, without pain – chasing bunnies and birdies forever, Sets my mind at ease. Until we meet again, at the rainbow bridge .. I love you forever - My forever friend and sweet doggie-angel, Roxie Kira

CLIFFY Cliffy (Dobra’s Weekend Warrior) 8yrs old passed on to the bridge. He was a wonderful boy, loved to hunt gophers on my property and will be sorely missed. Cliffy died of renal failure in the room that he was born (my bedroom) with all his Smooth Fox Terrier friends around him. RIP my sweet boy….  Pam

SKIPPER Jan 7, 1993 – Apr 3, 2005. Skipper (aka “Kipper” or “Kip”) was the first of our three wires. What a sweet, happy and outgoing boy! He always loved to meet new people and other doggies. He was a regular social bug. Kipper loved going out on big adventures…exploring the forest preserve, walks around the neighborhood, car rides and even the trips to the groomer and vet! He loved to go anywhere there was a new smell or hand to pet him. We will always remember the day we brought him home, April 1, 1993…April Fools Day. It was typical rainy spring day. His furry little head nodding back and forth, eyes glued to the windshield wipers the entire drive home. That night he and the kids curled up to watch “Lady and the Tramp”. There are many special memories we will always hold dear to our hearts. We’ll never forget Kipper’s first walk around the neighborhood the pansy he picked and presented to us. Later we were to find that his fascination with flowers extended beyond that of swiping the neighbor’s flowers. I still chuckle every time I think about the petunias he “helped” me plant that first spring. Having just finished planting the last flower, I turned to find that Kipper had pulled half of them out! It was hard to be angry when I saw that big “doggie smile” on his face that said “look..I helped”. Christmas was always and exciting time for Kip. He was the world’s greatest gift-opener! As he aged, he developed a rather cute “eggbeater” stride. Kipper also grew fond of his “midnight snack”. He would often pad into the kitchen about 9:00 at night and begin to scratch at the refrigerator or pantry door. If these “hints” were unable to draw our attention to his request, a few soft and polite “wha…wha”‘s would remind us that someone’s tummy was rumbling. Over time, Kipper became our constant companion. He would follow us from room to room, each time sitting quietly near us when we paused. We could tell when Kip was particularly excited about something because would break into a special “rocking horse” canter as he scurried around the room. When we think of Skipper what we remember most is the sight of him sitting in the front window standing watch over the neighborhood. He loved to watch the kids walk by on their way to the school bus in the morning and as they played in the court when they returned. We’d see him there each time we returned home from a short trip. Sitting in the window…waiting for us to come home to him. We love him and miss him with all our hearts….but we also know that he’s happy now….sitting at window just waiting for us to come home to him forever. Love, Mommy, Daddy, “Deppy”, Chris….Higgins and Scout.

VICKI Sethfield’s Lucky Victoria was born on June 28, 1991. There were 25 AKC Champions in her pedigree, including Ch.Tarb the Brat. Vicki crossed the Rainbow Bridge wrapped in her favorite blanket while in my arms on October 3, 2000. She was the best little girl, fearless, smart and loving as could be. She did her noteworthy ancestors proud and everyone she met instantly became her best friend. All the people we know were sorry to see her go and my wife Jo and I sorely miss her. Our house seems very empty; Vicki brought it alive as only a Smoothie can do. Al Rettke – Minnesota


Roxie the rescue Wire finished her time with us. Roxie was found in a shelter. She appeared to be around 12 yrs old at the time, but very active and full of fun. Roxie acted like she’d never had a bad day in her life. We believe that she lived with a senior couple that had passed away and that no plans had been made for her, so Roxie ended up in the shelter. Fortunately, Fox Terrier Rescue was there for her. She lived with me for another 2 years, and had the run of the house and the property. She LOVED to go for a ride and I took her whenever I could. This wonderful old girl had cancer all though her and I knew that it was only a matter of time. Today was that day. RIP my dear Roxie. Now you’re back with your mom and dad…..So Calif Fox Terrier Rescue – Pam

CODY Cody was a sweet Smooth boy in end-stage Lymphomia (cancer of the lymph nodes) when I found him in an animal shelter. The nodes in his neck were badly swollen and he looked like he was wearing a heavy collar. I took him home and then to my vet. We put him on meds to make him comfortable, it was way too late to try and treat him. Cody only lasted 3 weeks with me, but I tried to make them good weeks. He slept with me and we walked thru the pine trees and enjoyed life. When the time came, I held him in my arms and told him I loved him and he gave me wild kisses as he left this world. A special boy… So. Calif Fox Terrier Rescue – Pam

BUCK Make no mistake about it. Buck was my dog. He loved everyone, but he was my dog. He gave the best kind of love -the kind you don’t have to work for. No matter who came in the house, or how much they loved him and he them, he would run past everyone and come to me. He loved me unconditionally. Isn’t that what love is supposed to be. Yes, Buck was my dog. He died November 5, 2002 after giving us 14 years of love. Buck (Buckeye) born December , 1989 – died November, 2002.

EDDIE Our smooth fox was very funny, and he also loved to run.  We would take him to a place called Goerge Hill close to our home and just let him run free, he was the happiest dog when he was running free.  Our friend Eddie died in May of 2005 from thyroid cancer at the age of 7.  It was too soon for us, but he was suffering and we didn’t want to see our best friend suffer.  he was a wonderful dog and we will never forget him!

CHELSEA Chelsea was born November 30, 1988 and she died October 28, 2005.  Chelsea was our baby and she opened my eyes to the world of terriers.  We had gotten her when she was 3 months old, and I immediately bonded with her.  I admired her spunk and enthusiasm for life, and at the end of the day she was the best little cuddler.  We traveled a lot with her, and she made friends wherever we went since she loved everyone.  I miss the fire in her eyes and her little bounce/wiggle when she came to greet me.  I always loved this picture from 1990 of her with her ball.  We’ll always love you Chelsea. Amy Estep

CALAMITY JANE Clamy….Ch Unicorn’s Calamity Jane was born to be great. Her mother Ch. Foxden’s Dazzler was a doll and so was Clamy. She had a short but outstanding time in the show ring and then retired to make babies for her breeder. At 7 yrs, her breeder got out of the breed and Clamy came to live with me and her mother who had retired with me too. I also had her daughters (Sarah and Chloe) and grandchildren. Big happy family. Clamy was a wonderful, happy, outgoing Smooth Fox Terrier that loved life. She had her last and biggest win in the show ring at 10 yrs old (see picture) at Great Western taking Best Opposite Sex. She was in her glory! As they all are, she was gone way to soon and I miss her still. Pam

Abba  Born in 1994 passed on 9/15/07 We are very proud to have known her as long as we did. She loved to travel and went places with us all over the U.S.  I can remember holding her in the palm of my hand when she was born.  She was my second WFT. It hurts so bad to lose her.  We miss you Abba. Tom D’Agostino and mom Lynn

IVAN Rescued August 1996 Passed February 22, 2007 Ivan the terror, I mean the terrier.  But he was just as much terror as terrier.  But gosh, I sure do miss that high maintenance dog. I got him through a rescue and he died about 11 years later.  They think he was 3 when I got him but I was his 6th home.   All I can say are bad things about him. :=)   He terrorized the cats, attack my ankles and anybody that visited as we tried to leave the house, he would attack me if he was in bed and I moved and woke him.  He loved balls.  He thought every ball was his to have and he would bark until he either got it, or when I took him away due to embarrassment.  He would walk half way down the road and then decide he didn’t want to go.  So I would take him back home, put him in the house, turn to shut the door to him attacking the door knob because he wasn’t happy we were leaving him.  I’ve had to repaint my front door several times. I probably should have called the dog whisperer.   He loved his beloved buddy Sara, a big, friendly rescued lab, who passed 6 months before he did at the age of 14.  Everyone loved Ivan.  He made me laugh everyday.  I sure do miss him and always will. Belinda

ISAAC How lucky we were to have adopted you Isaac.  I fell in love with those beautiful ears as soon as I saw you and the way you smiled.  You never let your paralyzed leg get in your way.  You made us so happy Isaac.  I will miss watching you play with the hose, catch bubbles in the air, and the way you loved getting your tubby.  Remember how you used to climb in the bathtub with Zoie?  Daddy who said he would never give you a kiss (at least when I was looking) is very lonely now that you are not here to take your afternoon nap with him.  I’m so sorry that you got sick with Cushing’s Disease.  I’m so sorry that we couldn’t make you better Isaac.  We will love you forever. Little Mavis, Haylee, Hammy and Gina will miss you. Love Mommy & Daddy

MARMITE   (in the back) Born October 18, 2004 Died September 3, 2007 Our dearest Marmite, You were taken from us so soon! You were most definitely our little “mini-me” with the most beautiful personality. You’re wagging tail… doesn’t matter whether you were happy or sad… will never be forgotten! The gap you left will never be filled! From: Your biggest friend and fan Dantes Your human parents Charlo and Tania Your own parents Milo and Mila

SETH Ch Ceilidh’s First Knight, ME   11-30-97 to 8-19-08  I was there the moment Seth came into this world. I was supposed to go to a dog show in San Mateo that day, but Sarah (Sarah Ceilidh’s Tiny Dancer, CD, ME), his mom, went into labor that day so I stayed home while he was being born, along with his brother and two sisters. Through the years, I showed Seth to his championship, owner handled, and he had a successful specials career. He qualified for and showed at the Eukanuba Invitational, winning Best Bred by Exhibitor at that show. He also loved to do earthdog, gaining his titles fairly easily. When doing the Senior earthdog, he often would race out of the tunnels, trying to beat the rat handler to the rat’s hiding place. He loved do do earthdog just like his mom did, and just like his daughter Zorra does. It seems to run in the family. Seth loved going to shows and to earthdog trials, and would whine if I was taking someone else instead of him. He was the one in the household that always had bed privileges, as if it was his job to sleep in my room. In his last year he often preferred to sleep on the dog bed on the floor, it becoming more and more difficult to jump onto my bed. Now the house is emptier without him. I will miss him terribly, but I know he is in a better place now, hopefully chasing rats, and making sure cats know their proper place in the world.  Debbie McWilliams

DOUGIE Well, Doug left this world today April 27, 2007.  He was loved in many ways, his heart was huge and his never stop twitching tail brought joy to everyone.  He had a great life: running up mountains, swimming in the ocean, and barking at who knows what.  He was a very special boy and helped me in ways no 2 legged thing could ever do. I will miss him tremendously. His love of life was the most joyous thing I’ve ever experienced. He was One of a kind. Special to me and everyone who meet him. He trusted me tremendously and despite his loss of sight he listened and learned new commands.  His “eyes” were Stella a smooth collie, who crossed the Rainbow Bridge with him today. They are together still and forever. I will miss my little dog that meant so much to me. I love you Dougie and will miss you, but I’m glad you passed on a good day.  Who would know a little dog could make such a huge impact. Dougie, you’ll always be in my heart.  Thank you for every little thing you did. Jamie Trujillo

JAKE Born 16th April 1994 Passed on  16th Sept 2005 (Bagland) Jake was a true Wire Fox Terrier with an unquenchable spirit : Jake picked us when he was a puppy and immediately set about running our house. He LOVED to swim and paddle and would play in the sea for hours. He was loved by everyone who met him , his cheeky charm , good looks and furry white paws meant he never went short of friends and treats ; We loved him more deeply that words can ever express. His courage, love, joy and spirit are unmatched; this world has lost so much with his passing; He fought cancer without us knowing despite the best Vet care. He trotted off to a better place with us all around him , in peace and without discomfort , it was the all we could do for a great Terrier. We will miss his paw on our leg when we were too slow giving him his share of our food (very partial to Italian food – his grandmother was Italian), his look of joy when we went to the beach and his infectious love. We miss him so much, but know he will be waiting with a stick when we meet again, still issuing orders. Martin 

CASEY This is Casey the most unique dog I’ve ever seen. In the 10 years of Casey’s life she has never barked at and has never bitten anyone…the exception was to alert at the door with a 40 pound bark, but she would never speak if you asked her. In her younger days she would climb a 45 degree oak tree to chase squirrels till she fell out at about the 8 foot level. She loved tennis balls and a daily ride in the 4-runner or her yakima bike trailer. Cats jumped and rubbed on her and babies would pull her tail but she loved them all and they loved her. I was lucky enough to sleep with her on the last night before going to the vets. Casey passed away from kidney failure and lived from 2-8-1992 to 10-7-2002. I will miss her dearly.

ALEX  Alex was born on September 25th, 1995,  in  Plymouth, WI. and we brought him home on Christmas of that year. He was my boy for 11 years, until a series of bladder stones forced us to stop his suffering and put him to sleep one last time on Feb. 17th, 2007 in Frankfort, IL. It broke my heart to see my boy go, because he was so happy and I love him so much. The last thing he saw before he closed his eyes was me trying to smile at him through my tears. I hope he can hear me and know how much his family misses him. Take care booger, we’ll be together again someday. I love you so much boy. Goodnight. -Josh

SARAH Sarah (Ch. Dobra’s Worth The Trouble) This is not one of her better pictures, as she was a really pretty little girl. On the up side, Sarah had a wonderful life! She loved traveling with me when she was younger to the dog shows and loved being in the ring. She was my “buddy” dog and slept with me during the years she was with me. When she went to live with Charlotte, it was because I had so many Rescue dogs and not enough time for Sarah. She deserved to be the princess she thought she was :-}}} And Charlotte gave her that. They were constant companions and enjoyed life with long walks and visits to friends. Even after she was diagnosed with bladder cancer, she kept going for several months. Sarah was still playing with her “best friend” a Lab that lived nearby up until the end. :-}} She was a terrier all her life.  She is so missed…. Pam Bishop

INDI ANA BONES May 5, 1992 to January 8, 2007. Indi picked me out (I was interested in her sister) but this persistent little girl was trying to tell me something!  Little did I know, she would become the pet of my life and forever change my husband views on house dogs.  He always felt dogs were just dogs, better outside then in the house, but Indi changed all that nonsense.  She not only stole his heart, but gained a place in our bed.  She was a constant companion…forever at my feet or on my lap.  Sweet and gentle—she trusted me so fully; she could be walked without a leash (although I knew this, I only let her off-leash in a safe environment).  But, trust me she did and never faltered in her all-giving love.  On the day she died, I went to visit her at the vets (we all thought she was improving on some internal bleeding problem) but once there I could see, it was all a farce.  Indi bravely kept herself alert for her mom.  It was when I held her that I could tell she was only holding on to see me one more time.  She struggled so keenly with those old, cloudy eyes to look into mine one more time (I’ll never forget that moment and the forever-image that it etched onto my mind).  I told her I loved her and kissed her nose.  I then stroked her gently between the eyes until she went to sleep forever.  Loyal to the end…she waited to say good-bye. Chris Kellar

ODIE Odie was born March 1, 1989.   My husband brought the puppy smooth fox terrier when Odie was 8 weeks old and gave me a surprise on my birthday and college graduation gift.  I am so glad to get a new puppy smooth fox terrier.  Odie is very special to us and helps us like a hearing dog because we are a deaf couple.  Odie is a very amazing dog.  She is very active, playful and lives to go for a ride to anywhere.  Odie had a great life for 16 1/2 yrs. with us.  Odie has suffered a brain tumor (nerves damage) which gave an infection in her head which caused her to be deaf and blind because she had seizures three times, then she passed away on November 8, 2005.  We’ll always love her and miss her a lot. Maria and Quint Elmore from Florida

DAKOTA Dakota was a very loyal friend and companion. He was a source of constant joy and love. You could never be mad or feel down around him, because he always found a way to make you smile. His one true love in life was chasing his football. He was born on February 10, 1998, and died too early on January 20, 2007, after a valiant battle against lymphoma. After several surgeries and chemo therapy, he was called to heaven. There is not a day where he is not thought of with fond memories and love in our hearts. Jose

DAISY born in 2000 and died in January 2010 of kidney disease Daisy loved ripping into napkins, sticks, stuffed animals and just about anything the right size that fell to the ground. Outside, she could run circles around other dogs but inside, she loved nothing better than curling up in the crook of your arm or laying on your stomach. She was impossible to walk – constantly moving from left to right (tripping me up on more than one occasion). But I loved Daisy’s enthusiasm, even though my older Jack Russell terrier resisted her constant pull. I’ll miss many things about Daisy – she was one of the sweetest dogs I’ve ever owned. But mostly I’ll miss her non-stop wag. Nothing says I love you like a wagging tail. May God keep her in his care. The Ward family misses her very much

DERBY Born March 16, 1994  Died November 11, 2007 Derby was almost a year and a half old when I adopted him from Ruth at the Abandoned Terrier Rescue Association of Southern California in August of 1995.  He was born on March 16, 1994.  It took Derby a couple of months to realize he was finally in a stable home with me - and that I would never let him go. Over the course of that year we fell more and more in love with each other. Our bond only became stronger over the years.  Derby exhibited the usual antics of a Wire Hair, but he was a mellow guy and always preferred just being as close to me as possible and following me from room to room.  He was well behaved and had the manners of a true gentleman.  Our bond was the strongest I’ve ever had.  Derby was stoic and noble through his many surgeries for hip dysplasia, bladder stones, and oral surgery. Never complained. He had a million friends in the neighborhood, and folks would always stop us during our daily walks to admire him and comment on how handsome, crazy, and comical he was. Derby was a good guy and brought true love and delight to every moment I was lucky enough to spend with him.  I feel that he was a gift, and felt blessed and honored to have such a cool, crazy, and special presence in my life for 13 years.  I learned a lot from the Derbmeister…How to love and be loved unconditionally.  How to live every moment in the fullest with abandonment like there was no tomorrow.  How to laugh at the simplest things.  And always be happy all the while! Life is too short. So remember to cherish every moment you have with your loved ones, whether they be human or animal. I was able to spend all of Saturday night and early Sunday morning just holding Derby and saying good bye.  Although it was so difficult to let go, I feel that it was God’s plan and I am at peace. And I know Derby is too.  I had to let him go early Sunday morning on November 11, 2007.  I hope my boy knows I loved him as much as he loved me.   I miss him so and hope he is comfortable now.  Hopefully he is running around in the grass playing “chase-me-I will chase-you-run-around”, and playing with those ever loving tennis balls he loved so much.  The hole in my heart and life is huge right now.  It will be a while before I’m ready for another Wire. Life is too short. So remember to cherish every moment you have with you loved ones, whether they be human or animal. Debra

STIMPY 1995 - 2007 For Stimpy: They say memories are golden, well, maybe that is true.  I never wanted memories, I only wanted you. A million times I cried. If love alone could have saved you, you never would have died. In life I loved you dearly, in death I love you still. In my heart you hold a place no one else could fill. If tears could build a stairway and heartache make a lane. I’d walk the path to Heaven and bring you back again. Our family chain is broken, and nothing seems the same. But as God calls us back on by one, the chain will link again. Germaine

CIUTTI Born September 1993 and died 2007 Ciutti was born on September 1993, so 5 years before I was born. When I was little I hated him because I was scared of dogs, but soon I began to play with him and we were always together. For my brother and me Ciutti has been our only pet. The best dog in the world. He was affective, intelligent and never got annoyed. He died two years ago, and we still remember him in the family. Paula

OZZIE Ozzie was our 13 yr. old family Wire Fox Terrier who just passed away the week of July 27, 2008 from Lymphoma cancer. He was a wonderful pet and family member as well. He loved sun bathing and running freely throughout his younger years. On rainy days, he would lay next to our piano while I would play for him. He always had an eager ear to listen to the music in would make. When our family started to fall apart, Ozzie was still there. He helped me learn about growing up and what it really meant to be a dedicated companion. I knew with him around I would always have a shoulder to cry on and friend that would never complain or give up on me. After his cancer diagnosis, the family saved up enough money to begin his treatment in hopes of painlessly expanding his long lived life. However, one week later it took a turn for the worse and he died at home in his sleep. He was really a true defination of “mans best friend” and is deeply missed. Katrina

CHOPPER Dig n Dat Hardtail Chopper  Ode to Chopper  We noticed you in the store, Trying not to touch the bottom of the cage with your feet.  You looked up at us and wagged your tail at a hundred miles an hour, cocked you head to one side and raised your ears a little as if to say ”I’m here, take me home”.  You stole our hearts and without hesitation you were ours! You joined our family of three, Joe, Victoria and Hans (dachshund) and made it four. Healthy you were not but that is not surprising considering your start in life but we took care of that. Full of fire and curiosity, everything was interesting, especially outside in the yard digging up holes. Your Dad soon picked a name that fit you to a tee – Dig n Dat but added HardTail Chopper to it because of his love of motorcycles; little did he know how true it would be because you were so full of high energy! So full of yourself you were, so very outgoing, cocky and self-assured, always getting into things and lots of trouble. Needed lot of exercise and play to keep you happy, all it took was a touch on your leash that hung on the wall and you bounced to our feet waiting to go out. Rain you did not like but snow you loved, hoping like a bunny all over the place.  Friendly with most people and other animals but at times very standoffish and protective of you’re family not realizing that you were taking on more than you could handle. You were the size of lamb but had the heart of a lion. I remember several times when you came to our aid and with gratitude. I thank you my sweet Chop. Plenty of attention did you crave and got, as well as the need to be wherever we were and a part of whatever we were doing. You were the best bed and couch companion, so warm and fuzzy but a little bossy.   After Joe passed, the years were not kind to you and your health grew bad, fighter that you were you never complained. We traveled to vets far and wide and took care of your ailments one at a time. Finally the fire in you eyes was gone and you told me you were frustrated with your body that had lost all control and almost all loss of movement in your limbs.  Oh so hard the decision I made to give the last precious gift of love and send you to Rainbow Bridge. On that day, I held you close all wrapped in your blanket, while music that soothed you played in the background. You were so loved that the room was full of people whose eyes flowed with bittersweet tears for you. One read a beautiful poem about a pet requesting his master to let him go and then I sang a lullaby but could not finish for the pain was to great.  You looked up at me one last time, smiled and kissed me gently with your tongue on my right cheek and then slipped away peacefully. I know you are not alone, Hans is with you as are others you loved (human and animal) and you have food, water, beautiful weather, are young again and whole and are constantly playing.  You will be so missed, remembered and loved, until I see you someday and then there will be joy once again.  You were and will always be my BEST FRIEND my WORLD. Thank you for bringing sunshine and unconditional love into my life. Elsa Victoria Santin

TRIXIE Trixie was born in April of 1997.  My wife and I were married in June of 1997 and got Trixie in July using our Wedding money.  A very cute and good natured dog, she loved her cheese and some scraps of roast beef. She passed away on November 3rd of 2008. Trixie loved to play and was very alert to strangers ringing our doorbell. She loved to go for walks and play tug of war with my socks. We all loved her and will miss her very much. Russell M. Frey

MURPHY Murphy was born in October 1991 and died May 2006. You came into my life ten years ago when my heart was very lonely.  At the same time, you were being shoved out of your first home by another dog.  When I met you, you covered me with kisses.  So both of us, seeking new homes, made a home for our hearts together. You were a sweet rascal who, I was warned, did get into the kitchen trash.  My first purchase for you-uh, me-was to get a covered trash can for the kitchen.  With no help from me, you learned how to open it, demonstrating this skill occasionally throughout your life.   Walks around town were the “high point” of your daily routine.  I even got you boots to protect your paws from salt on the sidewalks in the winter.  You told me in your own way that the boots were “dumb”, but really, Murphy, they did work!  You were a bit vain, too, quite the star, loving to be groomed and admired.  I loved it, too! You routinely greeted folks through the fence when they were in the church parking lot next door.  When you were young and up ’til age 13 you made a race track around the perimeter of the yard.  How you loved to be cheered on! Remember how disappointed you were the summer night I hauled you away from the skunk you had cornered?  You kept saying: “Cornering stinky skunks is my job!”  I plunked you in the tub and covered you with tomato sauce, much to your dismay.  I walked a “fragrant” pink dog around town for quite a while after that little incident! Sweet Murphy, you brought trust and joy back into my life.  From the bottom of my heart, thank you!  May we meet at the Rainbow Bridge. Love, Your Genie P.S. The skunk moved away.

EINSTEIN (1997-2009) Einstein, wire-haired fox terrier, died October 26, 2009, at Triangle Veterinary Hospital in Durham, North Carolina in the arms of his humans, Willie and Kate. He departed this life peacefully after several months of failing health due to acute liver disease.  He was buried in Pinehurst next to his mixed-breed companion, Billy, under a lovely pink dogwood tree that was given as a memorial to Billy, who died in 2005.  Einstein was born March 24, 1997 in Stevenson, Maryland at the Evewire Kennel owned by famed wire-haired fox terrier breeder Eve Ballich, who was known for breeding champion show dogs with sociable dispositions.  Einstein’s parents were Ch Evewire Smart Decision (sire) and Evewire Gemini Jazzy Lady (dam). When Ms. Ballich was contacted about acquiring one of her puppies, she asked whether a show dog or pet dog was desired.  A pet dog was sought and that was Einstein.  It was never clear to lay persons what marked him from infancy as not-a-show-dog, but at several months of age his right ear refused to flop, which would have arrested any show dog aspirations.  Einstein’s veterinarian remarked that the standing ear was both a sign of strong extensor muscles and character. Einstein was registered under the name Evewire Diplomat but called Einstein because Willie (a physics minor in college) believed that a smart dog deserved a smart name.  The name suited him.  However, Einstein was deliberately mis-called “Eisenhower” by a now-departed Greatest Generation neighbor who believed that he was more Eisenhower than Einstein. In his early years, Einstein earned the nickname “Boom-Boom” because he boomeranged everywhere with typical fox terrier energy.  As a puppy, he entered a household ruled by 10-year old Billy who tolerated him as long as he respected her senior dog status.  For the most part he did, but he occasionally found sport in irritating her.  When she made her displeasure known by snarling and snapping, he disarmed her by licking her in the snout.  Although Einstein was cautioned that “what goes around comes around,” he never fully comprehended that lesson. Indeed, when WFT Missy Pearl joined the household in Christmas 2006 as a puppy, the roles were reversed and he was the senior dog to a wild puppy.  However, with his patient and sweet disposition, he tolerated a new puppy (a bossy female at that) better than Billy did, and he co-existed for the most part peacefully with Missy Pearl, with only occasional discord, until late into his illness, when his once-considerable reserve of patience waned. Einstein was an obedience school graduate, although he never saw the point in obedience for its own sake.  But if a treat was offered, he could “sit” at the speed of light.  As an adult, he concentrated on neighborhood watch activities, screening new canines to the neighborhood with a skeptical eye, and ensuring that his home was free of mice and other varmints.  Indeed, his reputation was so fearsome that no mouse or varmint was ever known to dare to be within a mile of his home.  Although the occasional spider slipped through his enforcement net, he viewed insect chasing as beneath his talents and concentrated his efforts on protection against larger threats.   His watch activities including riding shotgun with Willie to Pinehurst, and sharing guy-talk and a bagel on the drive.  When not on watch, Einstein’s favorite past-times included chasing a tennis ball, preferably as a solo activity and not in concert with Missy Pearl, who tended to be domineering in multi-dog games.  Indeed, it led to separate games for each dog, such that Missy Pearl’s extreme vocal unhappiness at being restricted from play and forced to watch him retrieve the ball gave Einstein at least as much enjoyment as the mere act of  retrieving the ball.  Until diminishing eyesight affected his catching ability, Einstein was a talented short-stop who could catch a ball on the fly or a ground ball on the first hop.  Einstein’s special variation on a game of ball was that he would bring the ball to a hand, but would not release it – rather, the human was required to battle Einstein for the ball, with Einstein either clenching the ball strongly in his teeth or holding it under his paws with his surprisingly strong grip.  As humans tired of that variation, Einstein injected new energy into the game by placing the ball behind the refrigerator or under a piece of furniture that he could not reach and then notifying the humans.  The ball could then be retrieved only by humans engaging in awkward angles, such as lying on the floor.  However, the next part of the game required Einstein to immediately re-establish control of the ball once freed from under the furniture, thus requiring humans to establish defensive positions while lying exposed on the floor. While unimaginative humans found the game tiresome, Einstein never did. Einstein was a staunch advocate of moderate exercise and, until recent months, enjoyed regular several-mile walks. Einstein’s steady marching – even in North Carolina summer heat — was in contrast to Missy Pearl, who easily runs half-marathons in cooler weather but needs frequent rest breaks when walking in 90 degree heat.  Einstein also was a canine foodie in that he enjoyed any item normally thought of as food (except parsley) and he pushed the definition of what constitutes food to include shoe insoles, socks, wild animal droppings, and other detritus.  An adventurous diet was a costly diet as Einstein’s consumption of a sock once prompted a $400 endoscopy to retrieve the sock.  Although he was on a special diet from the age of 7 due to bladder stones, Einstein was able to enjoy the occasional McDonald’s hamburger, pasta, and other delicacies.  His all-time favorite treat was a hard-boiled egg, and hearing the shell crack fueled his anticipation and added much to the enjoyment of actually eating the egg. When his hearing was at full peak, he could hear the shell crack (or the quiet rustle of a treat bag) several rooms away, which saved his humans the considerable trouble of actually having to call him to come get his egg.  Several months before he died, he developed diabetes as a complication of his liver condition and settled into a pleasurable diet of Whole Foods rotisserie chicken or Willie’s grilled chicken breasts.  He did relish several bites of a McDonald’s hamburger the day before he died. Einstein was universally proclaimed as a “good dog” with uncharacteristic mellowness for a wire-haired fox terrier.  While he had no great love for other dogs, no human was a stranger, and he had a particular affinity for adults who weren’t sure they liked dogs and he immediately charmed them by curling up next to them with a paw in their lap.  He particularly enjoyed the company of teenagers who had stamina for long games of ball.  Einstein would agree to sleep in their laps as they watched movies but, if they forgot that a game of ball was necessary while the movie was on, he reminded them. Einstein also had the singular ability to go from activity level 60 mph to zero when the light was turned off to signal bedtime, which never failed to amaze his humans.  When he was picked up from his breeder in the first months of his life, Ms. Ballich’s initial description of him was that he was “affectionate.” That lasted to the last days of his life, when, despite his illness and frailty, his greatest pleasure was licking Willie excitedly in the face.  Within an hour of Einstein’s passing, Kate encountered a stranger walking “Aster,” a 5-year old female wire-haired fox terrier so-named as a play on the most iconic of wire fox terriers.   To a believer, the extreme rarity of an encounter with another wire-haired fox terrier on any day, let alone this day of all days, is Einstein’s message that the fox terrier spirit is indomitable and is present always if we know where to look….  Einstein will be missed greatly by Willie and Kate and all who knew him, and he will be remembered always.

CASEY Died June 22, 2009 Casey lost his fight against kidney decease on 6/22/09 at eight and a half years of age. Over the years, I submitted photos of him to the Fox Terrier Networks annual photo contest. He came in second and third place, and received an honorable mention.  Casey loved to raise money for the Michigan Humane Society by getting sponsors and “walking for the cause” in his community in Plymouth-Canton Township. He was one of my best friends; I will always have him in my heart ….. he is missed every day. Casey’s “Mom”

CANDY Her tale is of stuff Hollywood writers dream of. We both left an abusive relationship and took the midnight train from Penn Station New York to nowhere where we ended up living with a family that really needed love and hope when times were dark.  Candy lit up everyone’s life around her and made people laugh and smile through bankruptcy, foreclosure, and various other American hardships. She never cared about anything but making people around her smile and laugh. Don’t believe me? She learned a new trick, roll over, when she was 10 years old just to make an old man happy! She even adopted 2 Maltese boys as her own and took care of them. On June 10, 2009, at the age of 12 she passed away suddenly from cancer. I know she really wanted to stay longer for the boys, but God called her back. The cancer was not kind, yet she fought until the very end and passed quietly into the night. Candy lived 12 long years and was treated like a princess. Drank bottled water and had pet toy stores at her disposal. In fact, she even made visiting relatives jealous of the fact we treated her better than them, I kid you not! We know now she’s in a better place and deserves every bit of heavenly love for all the saintly work she did on this earth. Chi

JAI JAI Jai Jai is a Chinese name meaning “A Little Boy”. He was a five -year-old Wire Fox Terrier. This is the very first pet I ever raised. It was only a 3-months time. He passes away on July 13, 2009. Jai Jai was a “Super Star”. His ex-dog owner trained him so well and to be an obedient pet. He loved showing off funny gestures to beg for treats. He was awarded the “Next Top Dog Model” and was also a model of a grooming house advertisement. He had his private groomer who provided personal hygienic care for him. She also hand made him a tuxedo for a Dog Party. He was very energetic and sweet. He loved running free, sneaking into neighborhood gardens and homes that made me very embarrassed. He always waited at the door hoping I would bring him along. He cried like a baby at the balcony watching me leave and barking loudly, hoping I would return and pick him. When we went out, he was always excited and ran ahead of me and approached my car before me. When I stayed at home, he always laid beside me and accompanied me. He taught me what “love” is and what it really meant to be a dedicated companion. He always listened to me and made me feel I was not alone. He made me forget being unhappy and filled my life with laughter. My last gift to Jai Jai – A peace and quiet place, in front of a bicycle track and a river as his grave. My last words to Jai Jai – “Dear Jai Jai, You are a gift from God. And now, you go back to His arms with warm and peace. Enjoy playing with your buddies in God’s place. We all love you and miss you! May God bless you! See you! Amen Adrian-LC

LUCY    (aka Lucy Goose) Born February 2002, passed away May 2009 What can I say to capture how much we love and miss our little Lucy Goose.  She loved her family just as much as we loved her, especially her mommy and daddy.  In fact I don’t think my dad could walk out of a room with out a little dog right on his heels.  She loved being outside and was the only dog I knew that actually stop to smell the flowers.  She like many other terriers I’m sure was notoriously mischievous. She was well known for steeling laundry from time to time and had the chase me thing down to a science.  I had once come home to a blue dog that had gotten a little bored that day and decided to get into a full box of SOS pads, so needless to say she was very entertaining.  We love her so very much and there is not a day that goes by that we don’t think of her.   Abigail Steuwe

LOLO Although we only enjoyed our Lola for 6 short years, she will live in our hearts forever. We miss her terribly and have her to thank for all she taught us. To know Lola was to love her! She was our baby, and our best friend. What a special dog!!! I know she loved her family as much as we loved her. She left a big void in our lives and our hearts, but we are so grateful for all the great memories she left behind. We love our sweet Lola and will never forget her.

TRICKSTER ROO September 9, 1998 to June 6, 2008 We found you in rescue, driving up and down the Kangamanga Highway, crossing Lake Champlain by Ferry to your rescue home in New York. When our eyes 1st met I said, “there she is” and I first saw your front paws do a toe tap to a happy beat. Some thing you would do each time we’d meet. We stopped many a time on our way to your new home to check on you because you did not make a sound. Of course you were fine, as mellow as could be, just enjoying the ride. They said your name was Suzie Q and I had to promise your Breeder Joe Garcia to sing “If you knew Suzie like I knew Suzie…….” And of course I said I would. We waved good bye with tears in Joe’s eyes as I hugged and kissed you to no end and would feel you sigh. Once we were home you would not answer to Suzie Q, your name a rose from what you’d do. Your bark was a Roo roo roo and you would play tricks all day long. So when I gave you the name Trickster Roo you came with a toe tapping bound. I though I was rescuing you, but in truth you rescued me. You were my first dog that was really my dog. From curling in my lap or nestling at my feet, you were my girl always doing your happy toe tap each time we would meet and a finale of reaching up to me for a hug and a kiss. It was the only way you would take your morning cookie. You loved what ever we would do, a hat from the Clam Festival, you were right in style to riding to the bank looking for your cookie. We had trips together to Georgia, just you and me; some one I could talk to who would always understand. You kept me warm many lonely nights in Maine always looking up at me with your doe like eyes. You were always such a comfort no matter what, you were my girl and I was yours. As time passes you always feel there is still so much time but God had a plan and when it came it was fast and swift, you did not suffer. We said Goodbye you and your brown doe eyes, as if to say I’ll be back I just need to rest. My heart is full of memories of you, my girl who rescued me. We’ve talked of rescue for a Wire Boy, and will continue the name of Roo, his name will be Cooper Roo, with a nick name of Coop-de-do. Could it be you? To Trickster Roo, my toe tapping girl, beat of my heart, my Rooey Roo.

SANBORN April 28, 1997 to April 20, 2010 Sanborn was a beloved best friend and family member, who loved to play fetch, cuddle, eat and bark at my husband’s motorcycle. He was the most laid-back WFT I have ever seen and had many nicknames Sanborni-Pepproni, The Roanstar and Roni are our favorites. I think my 5-year old son Nash summed it up best when he said “it feels empty without Sanborn here Mommy, I miss him.”   Carla Ott