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Fox Terrier InfoPuppies

Fox Terrier Puppies

Everyone loves a puppy!  The first thing that someone thinks about when they are planning on a new dog is to get a puppy.  That’s not always the right choice for you or the puppy.

Be sure that you are the right home for the puppy.  Puppies need a lot of attention in their first year and someone needs to be around during that time in their lives.  Is someone in your family home during the day and have the time and interest to work with the puppy?  Learning how to interact with humans, other animals including other pets in your home is very important.  No puppy should be left all day in a crate while you are at work.  How will he ever learn anything and bond with you and your family members?  If you are gone a great deal of the time, certainly you are not the best placement for any puppy and certainly not a Wire or Smooth Fox Terrier.

You should also have a securely fenced yard for your puppy to play and be safe.  Never have him off of a leash where he could run into a street or place of danger.  Like a small child he will not understand that something bad could happen.

Many people say they want to get a puppy to raise it “their way”, but don’t understand the natural instincts of a fox terrier. You do not train out instinct, you can, if you know what you are doing, modify behavior.  This takes a lot of your time and your willingness to learn about the fox terrier temperament.

If you are willing to do this, the rewards are great.  Both breeds are very smart and can learn just about anything, but they have to see a reason to do it…and it has to be fun for them.  They are not like the Golden Retriever that only wants to please you and will learn from that wish to please, they want to be the one being pleased!  So all training of a fox terrier puppy has to be positive and fun for them.

Remember that puppies are curious and will get in trouble trying to check out things.

Watching your fox terrier puppy grow into a handsome, smart adult that you helped get to that point, is a reward in itself.  It just takes time and patience on your part and you must be willing to do the work.

We consider the dog a puppy from birth to one year and a teenager from one year to two years.  If you put in the time and love during these years, you will have a wonderful companion for many years to come.