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Macie“Macie” is a 4 yr old Smooth Fox Terrier.  She has been though 4 homes and 2 shelters that we know of. She’s a darling, outgoing little gal, that just wants a family to play with and love her.  Housetrained, spayed, all vaccinations.

Available in So Calif only.  Contact Calif Fox Terrier Rescue at   dobrasmooths@verizon.net 

Summer Water Fun

DaisySwim2Time for fun in the water for our fox terriers!  We’ve put together some great photos and if you’d like to see your FT photo on the website or Facebook page, just send it to info@foxterrier.com with permission for FTN to use it.ChewieBassinpool



FTN’s wonderful newsletter that has always been just for members, is now available to everyone.  The next issue is our annual Fox Terrier Rescue issue and it’s going to be big.  Don’t miss it!  You can sign up to receive it by email by sending us your name and email address to:  info@foxterrier.com  Put “newsletter” in the subject line.


FoxtailFoxtails are the top end of a wheat like plant that grows all over the southwest of the US.  See what one looks like above.  When they dry out and fall off on the ground they can easily be picked up in the coat of dogs and cats. Continue reading »

Fox Terrier Rescue

WallyHeadIf you are looking for a Wire or Smooth Fox Terrier or know of one in a shelter or that needs a new home check with our list of rescue groups


Our DAISY FUND is open!  This is one of our programs to help owners of rescue fox terriers.  It is funded by donations from all the wonderful people that want to help others. FinnFace


HeartwormphotoIt’s Heartworm season in many parts of the US.  Is it in your area?  Heartworms need a hot, humid climate and mosquitoes to survive.  If you live in a dry climate most likely there are is no problem with Heartworms in your pet.  Is the current Hearworm preventative safe?  Is there a better way?  Learn more here.

Fox Terrier Angels

Want to help but don’t know how?  The Fox Terrier Angels program is a monthly pledge of any amount. These funds help FTN help the dogs and owners in need. Continue reading »


Who is protecting consumers from misleading marketing claims of pet food? It appears no one.  And our pets are the ones that pay the price. Learn more about who is supposed to be doing the inspections and why it isn’t happening.


GCardsSpringSFT1 GCardsSpringWFT4Here are  our Spring 2014 FTN notecards. These show the fun of Spring with both the Wire and Smooth Fox Terrier.

Continue reading »

Cook for your pet

dinnerpawsiblePets deserve real food, not highly processed kibble or canned convenience food. Most commercial pet foods are nothing more than fast food; convenience food. To learn how to home cook for your pet and save money, go to:   www.dinnerpawsible.com

Garlic for your pet

garlicbulbModern science has established the fact that garlic boosts immunity, gets rid of bacterial, viral and fungal infections, enhances liver function, helps detoxify the cells in the body, lowers cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood and even fights cancer. Learn more about the use of garlic for your dog.

Donate your vehicle to FTN

carDonate your car, truck, RV, ATV,boat, or other vehicle to help FTN. Simply phone in the donation 7 days per week at 855 500-RIDE (7433). We will handle everything. Pick up of your donated vehicle is always free and most vehicle donations can be picked up within 24-72 hours. We will provide you with a receipt upon pickup that may be used for a tax deduction.  Call now and help FTN.


teeshirtGreenFTN is running a sale on our summer tee shirts. We have them in sizes small though XXlarge. These are white tee’s with Hunter Green letters. These tee’s retail for $20. but we are selling them out for only $10. including s/h. That’s a great deal!

Please contact us at: info@foxterrier.com to order. They will go fast at this price :-) )


FTN is on Facebook.  Come see us and like us today. Lots of fun information. 

  Garrett in the window

Hank the Super Wire

hank_sheboygan_2012“Hank”, TACH Sqwires Hot to Trot, RN, NFP, OA, OAJ, MXP, MJP, JE, CGC and cancer survivor is the #1 Wire Fox Terrier in AKC Preferred Agility competion in 2012.  Hank is owned,trained and loved by FTN member Becky Heiner.  Way to go Hank!


Who is protecting consumers from misleading marketing claims of pet food? It appears no one.  And our pets are the ones that pay the price.  Learn more


vetdogcartoonDo you give your pet annual vaccinations?  Should you? Do you understand the research that has been done? Might be time to learn more.

Wire Fox Terrier Coffee Cups

Wire Fox Terrier coffee cups for sale from FTN.  Beautiful head drawing of a Wire.  Only $15. ($13. for FTN members) plus s/h.  This is a FTN exclusive that you can only get here. Contact us at: info@foxterrier.com to order.

Smooth Fox Terrier coffee cups

Smooth Fox Terrier coffee cups for sale.  Only $10. ($8. for FTN members) each plus p/h.  Great holiday gift. Contact us at: info@foxterrier.com to order.

Shop Now Through iGive.com

Shop Now Through iGive.com

Learn about how you can shop at competitive prices and raise money for FTN through www.iGive.com. Continue reading »

Massage And Your Dog

By Jan Hanson, AMCP, EMP

The following article will discuss the benefits of massage therapy for our dogs.  Continue reading »


“Every boy should have two things: a dog, and a mother willing to let him have one.”
~ Author Unknown


There are several breeds related to the Wire and the Smooth Fox Terrier. Continue reading »

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