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February is National Canine Dental Month.  Do you take good care of your dogs teeth?  Brushing daily is adog teeth great start, but it may not be enough. Feeding raw marrow bones is an excellent way for your dog to keep his teeth clean, far safer than the many products sold today. Be sure to check your dogs teeth on a regular basis.  Decay can cause infection to the whole body.


Canine Nutrigenomics – The New Science of Feeding Your Dog for Optimum Health

This is a new book out by Dr. Jean Dodds and Diana Laverdure that takes the latest science of feeding our genes – very complicated science and breaks it down into very understandable science.  Click here for more information. To order this book click here.

canine nutrigenomics book



WirewithFlagTuesday, February 24 is FLAG DAY.  Celebrate by showing the colors at your house.SFT ginger patriot


oldfriendsIf your kids are gone and your life is not crazy anymore, but you do miss some of that excitement, why not adopt a mature fox terrier.  Both Wires and Smooths usually live well into their teen years and are active for most of them. Many lose their original homes when their owners die or the family breaks up.  They still have many good years left and would love to be your special friend.  They are past the same crazy years they had as a puppy, but still very active.  Think about adopting a senior fox terrier for your next pet.  Go to our page listing most of the fox terrier rescue groups to see if there is one available in your area.

Fox Terrier Rescue

WallyHeadIf you are looking for a Wire or Smooth Fox Terrier or know of one in a shelter or that needs a new home check with our list of rescue groups

Donate your vehicle to FTN

carDonate your car, truck, RV, ATV,boat, or other vehicle to help FTN. Simply phone in the donation 7 days per week at 855 500-RIDE (7433). We will handle everything. Pick up of your donated vehicle is always free and most vehicle donations can be picked up within 24-72 hours. We will provide you with a receipt upon pickup that may be used for a tax deduction.  Call now and help FTN.


A semi-truck carrying “chopped dead fish” meant for cat food overturned in Washington state. And this was NOT a refrigerated truck.FishCatFoodTruck 

Pet food  regulations do not require raw materials to be transported or warehoused under refrigeration or frozen. In other words – pet feed ingredients such as meat or fish – could be spoiling/rotting for days before it becomes a pet food. Click here to learn more.

Finding Paw Friendly Ice Melt Products

wireinsnowThink about what happens to your car when you drive behind a salt truck in the winter. That rock salt will corrode the metal and paint. Those of us who live in cold climates should take our cars in every fall to spray on some goo that keeps the salt away from our precious cars.

But we let our dogs walk unprotected on the same roads (and sidewalks) we’re protecting our cars from. Learn more


Our DAISY FUND is open!  This is one of our programs to help owners of rescue fox terriers.  It is funded by donations from all the wonderful people that want to help others. FinnFace

Fox Terrier Angels

Want to help but don’t know how?  The Fox Terrier Angels program is a monthly pledge of any amount. These funds help FTN help the dogs and owners in need. Continue reading »

International Info

Below is a list of Fox Terrier clubs from countries other than the United States. Continue reading »

A New Age of Veterinarians

Western University of Health Sciences veterinary school in Pomona, CA is offering students a rotation (for fourth-year students) in whole food canine clinical nutrition and formulation. Finally, some of our new veterinarians will learn about pet food instead of pet feed. Here are some insightful comments about the program from the very first student to complete Whole Food Formulator Course. Be sure to scroll down to the comments section.

Cook for your pet

dinnerpawsiblePets deserve real food, not highly processed kibble or canned convenience food. Most commercial pet foods are nothing more than fast food; convenience food. To learn how to home cook for your pet and save money, go to:   www.dinnerpawsible.com

Garlic for your pet

garlicbulbModern science has established the fact that garlic boosts immunity, gets rid of bacterial, viral and fungal infections, enhances liver function, helps detoxify the cells in the body, lowers cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood and even fights cancer. Learn more about the use of garlic for your dog.

“It Shall be Suitable for use in Animal Food”

“It shall be suitable for use in animal food.” These nine little words are found in numerous places within pet food regulations, but they are not found within federal food law. These nine little words allow a multi-billion dollar a year industry to mislead pet food consumers. What – exactly – do these nine little words mean? Learn more here.


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Hank the Super Wire

hank_sheboygan_2012“Hank”, TACH Sqwires Hot to Trot, RN, NFP, OA, OAJ, MXP, MJP, JE, CGC and cancer survivor is the #1 Wire Fox Terrier in AKC Preferred Agility competion in 2012.  Hank is owned,trained and loved by FTN member Becky Heiner.  Way to go Hank! Hank has now retired from competition.


Who is protecting consumers from misleading marketing claims of pet food? It appears no one.  And our pets are the ones that pay the price.  Learn more


vetdogcartoonDo you give your pet annual vaccinations?  Should you? Do you understand the research that has been done? Might be time to learn more.

Wire Fox Terrier Coffee Cups

Wire Fox Terrier coffee cups for sale from FTN.  Beautiful head drawing of a Wire.  Only $15. ($13. for FTN members) plus s/h.  This is a FTN exclusive that you can only get here. Contact us at: info@foxterrier.com to order.

Smooth Fox Terrier coffee cups

Smooth Fox Terrier coffee cups for sale.  Only $10. ($8. for FTN members) each plus p/h.  Great holiday gift. Contact us at: info@foxterrier.com to order.

Shop Now Through iGive.com

Shop Now Through iGive.com

Learn about how you can shop at competitive prices and raise money for FTN through www.iGive.com. Continue reading »

Massage And Your Dog

By Jan Hanson, AMCP, EMP

The following article will discuss the benefits of massage therapy for our dogs.  Continue reading »


“Every boy should have two things: a dog, and a mother willing to let him have one.”
~ Author Unknown


There are several breeds related to the Wire and the Smooth Fox Terrier. Continue reading »